Advice Building up a Desktop Computer

Hi every one.
I’m going to buy a Desktop.
Need help to buy a suitable machine for me to handle Architectural projects.
Budget (2000 US$).

Thanks in advance & looking forward.
Here below a list of components which I choose.

Casing. Define R5 Black (Fractal Design).
Power . 730 watt power supply
Motherboard. GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-Gaming 3
Cpu. Processor Intel Haswell Refresh, Core i7 4790K 4.0GHz
RAM. Kingston hyper X 8gb ddr3 1600mhz
GPU. ASUS GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5 GeForce GTX760 2GB GDDR5 256-bit,
Hard Drive. WD 1TB Blue.
Monitor. LG 24 MP56 IPS

Thx. Brother.
RAM will be 24GB (there is a typing mistake in post from my side).
I will add SSD & GPU 980 4GB.
Regarding CPU I have time to think. cos mother bother which i choose got LGA socket 1150, and 6700K will fit in socket 1151.
Once again a lot thx for your concern.

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Yes you are right I do agree.
and I will put in list GTX 980.
thanks brother.

Rendering might also benefit from a 8-core CPU (you would probably lose a bit of clock speed). SketchUp only uses one thread.


So, Anssi should I spend more money on CPU?
Infact I want rendering fast.

But, Vray under sketchup does not render scene. it provide just a RT view.
Denis as u said I should put money in Video Card minimum 4GB.
why I’m going to buy a new PC? just to make render fast.
I use skechup as a workflow for rendering VRAY.
My focus is on rendering how to make it faster.

Best CPU with GTX 980 ti. 4GB.
Thanks Alot.

And MAX out the RAM on board the mother board as that is where all the thinking goes on before the graphics card gets to the screen . .If it will take 16 gig add it ! ! Makes the computer run so much more easier . . This is where the data goes through before you see it on the screen !

AND MAX OUT what ever RAM you can get into the mother board as that is where ALL the thinking goes on before you see it on the screen . . It is why I can run what denisroy says I can’t run or it is choppy or what ever ( I zoomed in and rotated no choppy ) . . I got 16 GIG DDR3 max’d out the most it will hold, It cost me but worth it . . As long as the CPU will run what ever but at least a quad core … something ! . . I watch the core’s trade off working on system resources monitor ( in Linux ) Very Interesting to watch . . and watch the Swap area wander up or down as the CPU’s work . .

Hi guys. So I’m tasked with building a rendering node to be used with V-Ray for sketchup and I have a couple of questions.

  1. Would you recommend buying a Nvidia Quadro m4000 and use a lower end cpu, or going for a dual cpu machine with a low end graphics card?

  2. If multiple cpu, Xeon or i7? How important is the number of cores? I can probably get two i7 8-core cheaper than the 6-core Xeons.

  3. The budget is around 2000 USD give or take a couple of hundred

Any other advice?

Thanks in advance,

Type of machine depends on the rendering engine. Most CPU renderers are multithreaded, so, the more processor cores you have, the faster the final render. These application use the graphics card only for preview, so the latest and most expensive might not pay for itself.
Then there are the GPU renderers. For them, too, the number of cores in the GPU is important. Typically, a high-end “gaming” card would give more bang for the buck than a “professional” card that is usually quite slower than a similarly priced “consumer” one.


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So this node will be used for rendering high resolution images with V-Ray, not for real-time / viewport performance.
Since V-Ray has both cpu and gpu rendering engines I don’t know what to spend on

SU is single-threaded and therefore working on 1 core only, if you wanna do modeling in SU on this system too, focus on a high-clocked CPU first.

CAD video cards (= nVidia Quadro, AMD FirePro) do not show any impact on SU and are much slower than comparable consumer cards of the SAME PRICE RANGE.

For GPU rendering a nVidia GeForce GTX 970 (or better) is the video card of choice.