Building a PC - help

Hi all,
I’m new here, and I would kindly ask for some help from you guys.

I know there are tons of topics like this, but all topics i found, seem to be out-dated.

So I am using Sketchup Pro 2020, and rendering engine V-Ray Next.

I’m about to buy a new computer, and I would like to hear what components would you choose.
I’m about to spend around 4000 EUR on my new PC.
I’m not sure which component to spend more on better CPU or better GPU.
my biggest wish is, that my sketchup modeling would be smooth, withoug lagging so much as i’m losing my mind right now trying to model a little more complex scenes.

If i have to pick one segment to focus on it is sketchup: I don’t mind if render time for V Ray would take few more minutes, if it means that my Sketchup would work perfectly. All i need is smooth sketchup modeling. :slight_smile:
All i know for now is that i should go for best single core speed cpu, and nvidia graphics - preferably rtx?
So what would you build for 4000 EUR?
Thank you so much everyone,
kind regards,

CPU, you only need a single core (SketchUp uses 1 core only) Realistically pick how many cores you want to pay for. My guess 8-12.
GPU, Nvidia (plays better with SU than Radeon) RTX series
Memory, 32G
plus supporting pieces

I am planning my next build, about $1500. USD. Includes new case and water cooling.


At 4000€ you can practically choose approximately the fastest of both the CPU and GPU.

I spent about 1500€ on my newest computer, and recently in a discussion on this forum there was a guy who probably had spent about twice as much, and he was disappointed at the speed he had achieved. After tweaking his GPU settings his system turned about to be about 5% faster than mine in this simple SketchUp performance test. To me that proves my assumption that at the high end buying a computer is a game of diminishing returns, especially for SketchUp modelling.

CPU: Your current CPU scores about 2000 in the PassMark single core benchmark while the top CPUs score at about 3000. This would IMO translate into a perhaps noticeable but not that great increase in perceived performance. When selecting a top-notch CPU you might also think about your V-Ray use and not concetrate on single-thread speed alone. I still have a perhaps unjustified bias in favour of Intel CPUs.

GPU: The GTX 2080 Ti mentioned in the thread i linked to is about the fastest GPU on the market. It is expensive, but spending even more on a high-end Quadro card will give you no benefit at all, on the contrary. It is for you to decide whether the price is justified, for instance compared to my RTX 2070 that costs less than a half.


Thank you very much sir, I appriciate it.
So if you were buying, what would you build? Which CPU and GPU ?

Would I be good to go with : AMD RYZEN THREADRIPPER 3960x (listed between top single-thread performance cpu’s)
and GeForce RTX 2080 Ti?
let me know, thanks

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I was using a 4790k & 2080ti for Sketchup and then Thea renders which like Vray uses Cuda. The GPU provided far more boost to rendering using a GPU accelerated engine and is a monster for that use. “If” you were only going to do SketchUp then the fastest single core CPU is your port of call and GPU not as important so 9900K etc. However, I am now using a 3950x and after some teething issues I have found that A) ultimate SU performance is below the likes of a high clock intel BUT it is plenty good. Where it shines is that in Thea my CPU now provides as much input as my 2080ti when rendering further boosting the render performance, it’s a monster for that. I’ve had numerous titans etc and for rendering an entry 2080ti like the EVGA Black is your point of call because it has 11GB of ram and tons of Cuda cores. System memory is also important. Then it’s what you feel will best serve your CPU needs. I wouldn’t get a 9900K as the i7 variant in the 10 series will be cheaper, faster in single core boost and more hardware fixes for the numerous security flaws affecting Intel chips at present. If you go Ryzen, you really need to go 3900x / 3950x to get the gains in areas you will lose a little of in SU.


The best bang for your buck will be the RTX 2070 super with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, you can make something good for 1.5k, however if you want to spend 4k on a pc get the I9 and a 2080 Ti,

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