Cache vs Clockspeed - Discuss

I’m hoping you pros might know something about this in regards to SketchUp.

In Particular, which of the following two should I go for?
Intel 9900k (16MB L3 cache, 5GHz)
Ryzen 7 3800X (32MB L3 cache, 4.4GHz)

And, do you know if there is any SketchUp benchmarking somewhere?

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Sketchup ( later versions ) utilize the GPU “not” the CPU. The additional rendering software can use either the CPU or the GPU. Pick your poison. I know of no benching software for SU.

Correction : GPU not the CPU, replace “not” with “and”

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I’m surprised to hear that. I’ve always understood SU to be a single thread, CPU driven program.
At which later version did this change?
I see that DaveR is replying, so I will add that a good GPU is essential also. For smooth orbiting, zooming etc.

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It does only utilize a single CPU core but since release of SU2017,rendering is done by the GPU with no option to dump that back to the CPU.


For SU2019, Does that mean if I skimp out on the cpu and instead buy a 2080ti I should be fine?
BTW thank you for your extremely quick responses

To answer your question though, either of those chips should be fine.


A faster CPU is more advantageous for SketchUp. Some renderers do CPU rendering and can use multiple threads so that could be a consideration.

No matter what CPU you choose, you should get a current Nvidia GPU and one with plenty of RAM would be a good option.


For what’s it worth, my computer is eight years old. I felt like I paid an insane price for it. But it has saved me from having to buy another. My only upgrade was a Titian X GPU.

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What was your previous graphics card and did you notice a significant jump in performance?

I realise that it is technically in depth,
Problem is my budget,
I can go for a 9900K and a 1050ti
Or I could go for a 1080ti and a much cheaper CPU

I don’t know the previous card, but heck yes it did! There are better less costly GPU out there now. But SU prefers the Nvidia GeForce graphics cards.

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Thank you for your answers :smile:

The 9900K CPU is overkill, rather go for a 9700K (4.9GHz) if you’re Intel inclined, then apply the money saved towards a better GFX card, depending on your workflow (and scale of work) the nVidia GeForce 1050Ti might not be the best choice, see if you can hit a GF 1070 at least.

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• Passmark Benchmarks: CPU : Single Thread Performance
• Passmark Benchmarks: GPU : High End Video Card

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Head to Head Comparisons …

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Thank you :smile: That should help a heap

Done, appreciate the help :smile:

Unfortunately the 9700k does not suit me for other reasons (Vray CPU rendering loooves as many threads as it can have and 9700K only have 8) but with the information you all gave me I will make sure GPU is a priority of sorts.

the computer I am writing this on has a GTX 1070 and you are all right SU 2017 smashes the graphics card when moving the camera

Warm regards and I hope you all have a good week :smile:

Have you looked at the AMD Threadripper line of CPUs? There are NOT cheap but if you need as many coes as you can get this might be the CPU that you need. $700 with
16 cores and 32 threads @ 4.4 GHz.

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the new AMD Ryzen 7 3800X delivers nearly the same multi-thread performance and a much better single-thread performance additionally being roughly 100 bucks cheaper and consuming 75W (= heat = noise) less.

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