AMD Ryzen vs Intel for SU

Not sure where exactly is best to post this, but:
Has anyone tested or have good info on how the AMD ryzen will run SU, compared to intel machines?

SU is a single-threaded application, therefore having multiple cores doesn’t help SU much. Performance of a single-core defines the performance of SU modeling operations, therefore or high-clocked intel i5/i7 of min. the 4th generation is regularly the best choice.

Check benchmarks for your further comparisons but keep in mind, that you have to divide the Passmark points by the amount of kernels for the single-core performance.

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I think the single-core benchmark might be informative in the case of SketchUp, with no mathematics needed.



Thanks guys,
So, what do you think of this statement:
Sketchup only uses one core. If Sketchup is the only application we are concerned about, and we could choose from:
Intel Core i3-7350K @ 4.20GHz with a socre of 2545 at $170
Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz with a score of 2595 at $340,
we would essentially have the same performance from both CPUs.

That is what it looks like if the results are to be taken at face value. The processors seem quite similar - the i7 has four cores while the i3 has two. For me, SketchUp has performed quite OK with older two-core i7 mobile processors. I would perhaps still recommend four cores - if you ever want to use a rendering application, the performance of those is almost directly proportional to the amount of threads they can use to split the process up.



Very good point about the rendering.
I wonder if Ryzen, with its extra cores, starts to look good again as an overall design solution - if, of course, the rendering applications are designed to use as many cores as available, rather than a maximum that is less than Ryzen offers.
Perhaps you know?

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Hi, I’m an architect and I use to model with Sketchup and make renders with SU Podium v2.5 plus. I just bought a new machine Ryzen based for home, trying to have a great performance with my own projects, and I’m using Intel at my studio.

Somebody could help me with some ideas about what’s happening with Ryzen-Sketchup?

I don’t know if it’s because of the compatibility between Sketchup and AMD or something else, but it takes so much time opening groups into the outliner with Ryzen. I’m getting crazy with it. I even disabled 6 cores of the Ryzen and I overclocked the other 2 to 3.8 GHz (Sketchup uses only 1-2 cores I guess?), and still I had the same problems with slow opening of groups in the outliner. The file is not that big (80 mb), but I don’t know why it’s happening this, probably somebody could help me. In my studio the same file goes so fast doing the same thing of opening the groups (trees of groups…)

Studio Specs:

Intel Xeon E5-1620 @3.6GHz
Nvidia quadro K2000
32 GB Ram 3200 MHz

Home Specs:

Ryzen 7 1700 @3GHz (it uses to work at 3.2 GHz with the turbo)
Asus strix rx480
16GB Ram 2933 MHz

Any ideas?

Thank you so much for your help!!

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