Quad core utilization



I am looking to buy a new Mac because my current MacBook Air is underpowered for SketchUp. Is there any advantage to a quad core MacBook Pro over a dual core MacBook Pro?


I believe that the core count for running SketchUp will not have any effect on the performance as SketchUp only utilizes single core. The actual speed of the core will be the driving factor rather than the number of cores.

Multi-cores only benefit other processes such as CPU based renderings.

Graphics card would be the major performance factor rather than CPU, although most of laptops just have integrated intel graphics using CPU instead of dedicated graphics card.

I thought the new MacBook Pro only offers dual cores?


the CPU (single core) is most important for the SU modeling performance, a dedicated medium range graphics card regularly more than sufficient.


The 13 inch models use dual-core i7. The 15 inch models use quad-core i7.