Slow SU at 3900X Ryzen


could you please advise please. I saw similar topics - but still not sure about solution. I’m using SU 2020 for interior design, and need fast hardware. I’m using lot of groups/models at each project (skp file) - files has about 300-400mb.

I was using Dell Inspiron 7590 i7 9750H/16GB/512/Win10 GTX1650 and it was ok (moving around model/grouping/editing) - everything was fast and was really ok.

Now I have 3900X with 16GB 3200Mhz and G1050TI and it’s really slow.

It’s any cpu issue? I read that SU using only 1-2 core and I know AMD is multicore but single core results is still better at AMD - so what’s is wrong?

Please help. I using this computer only for SU (I have another 3900X for Vray). Need fast Sketchup for design.


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