Any tweaks to speed up SU on a Win 10 i9 + GTX 3090?

I’m running SU 2021 Pro on a Win 10 i9 64gb GTX 3090 and I’m finding it takes very little to bring SU to it’s knees. I’m wondering if there are any well-known tweaks that folks use in Windows proper to potentially provide SU with more resources.

When SU is at it’s slowest my CPU is at 35%-ish and GPU is barely registering. Memory is typically 25gb of 64gb available.

What do you consider to be “very little”? Maybe you could share a sample .skp file so we can see what you are looking at and compare the performance on our end. Looking at how you are doing your modeling would likely give us some insight into how you are modeling and how you might improve performance, too.

By the way, you might update your profile. It still says you are using SketchUp Make and your graphics card is a GTX 1050 not a GTX 3090

One thing to try is that when you are orbiting a model and noticing that it could be smoother, try turning off Profiles in View, Edge Style. If your model started life as a CAD import, there could be quite a lot of edges to be analyzed, and Profiles is a very demanding option.

Do you think we can “Sticky” a guideline for sketchup settings to maximise performance? I’d be happy to contribute.

The current guidelines just focus on graphics settings (which are not even that relevant in modern days with our powerful GPUs).

Improving Performance | SketchUp Help.

Basically the only thing that is changed is that today SketchUp allows somewhat more faces and edges before it starts to bog down, but still, trouble starts somewhere around the million mark.