SketchUp Slow to Model


I have built a new PC specifically for SketchUp and V-Ray. SketchUp runs painfully slow when I’m trying to model anything. Just push/pulling walls takes 4-5 seconds for SketchUp to actually allow me to move the walls. I’m running the same file on a Macbook Pro from a few years ago and it doesn’t have the same issues. The file is about 50MB. Here are my PC specs:

Windows 10 Pro
Intel i9 7920X
Nvidia RTX 2070

This PC is way more powerful than the Mac and it renders in V-Ray much faster but modeling in SketchUp is terrible. Every time I try to perform an action SU just stops responding and takes a few seconds before it lets me do what I need to. My Windows updates are current and I just installed the February Nvidia driver. I’ve already tried the batch file fix and I looked for the Windows cumulative update that caused issues with the selection tool but that’s not installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure SketchUp is using your Nvidia graphics card and not the integrated graphics.

Thanks but under OpenGL it says it’s using the RTX 2070. I’m really pulling my hair out on this one.

Same problem here. Running SU2018 on a Geforce GTX 1080 and i7-8700k CPU, 32 Gb memory.

SU is extremely slow in opening models, it takes around 3 times longer dan my old imac (2013).
Autosave takes around 20 sec every time it
OpenGl says it’s running my GTX 1080.

Also running SU on a laptop with Geforce GTX 1070, i7-7700HQ and 16 Gb memory. Laptop is way faster then my new desktop.

Hope someone has a solution for me.

SU loads times can be quite slow on powerful machines with trays open - do you leave your trays in autohide while modelling?

It may be helpful to verify your NVIIDA cards are set up correctly there too and doing the work - via the NVIDIA control panel and the task manager.

Thank you I do know that the Nvidia control panel is set up correctly but I don’t have the trays set to auto hide. I’ll give that a shot and see how it runs.

I have a
Windows 10 Pro
i7 6850K
Nvidia GTX 1060
48 MB Ram

I have had that happen when making scenes if I had a modified “fast” style that became a slow style. Otherwise it moves along pretty good. I also have the CPU assigned to sketchup and layout Intel Turbo boost as priority programs. Monitor size seems to be a factor too. 4k monitors seems to make it go slower than my 1080’s. I ran the task manager and saw that my CPU was running at 6% my memory / ram was at 70% and my GPU was around 3%.At that point I upgraded from 16GB ram to 48GB. CPU and GPU stayed the same but RAM usage went down to 10%. Now everything is more balanced on task manager and seems to work better for performance and stability. Please update if you can find something to work. I would like to upgrade to a RTX 2070 but I was waiting to see if they got the bugs worked out yet.

Similar problem for me. I’ve just bought the base model iMac Pro and was expecting a big improvement over my iMac when working in SketchUp Pro and LayOut, but there is none - in fact SketchUp runs slower and I have slight glitches here and there!

I’m in the same mess. I had a 2014 series Mac Pro and use SU daily. I just upgraded to a 2018 Mac Pro and the models are crashing before they even open. I’m having a difficult time sourcing the issue.
I have been reading and others say it’s the new 2019 version.
Any thoughts?

Someone fixed it?
Isn’t there any diagnostic tool through sketchup or made by nvidia to check what things are not ok?, I installed as admin in a i5-4460 3,2Ghz, 8GB ram and Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB OC, it only get fronzes when it has to do several intersections or big models, I also tried installed as admin, it happens to me with sketchup 2017 and 2019 version, even with extensions disabled.

Did you right click on the downloaded file and select “run as administrator” from the menu? If not do so and choose the repair option.

Yes, I always did since I read it 2 years ago that can cause weird behaviors. I also disabled fast feedback and sketchup identity it’s this the card active and not the integrated one in the integrated one in the desktop computer, I didn’t see any option more about this in the bios. I can work with easy geometry, but for some operations as the ones I mentioned it takes little long. I’ve read about people using this same card at least in 2017 and working fine.

It may be possible the card is having signs of early failure. You might try this program to benchmark your PC, very video intensive.

is how you make a poor graphic card work, if disabling fast feedback make things better for you then your Card is generally not suitable.
However, disabling it with a suitable card will make SU work slowly.

@Box I didn’t see any difference with fast feedback on or off.
@RGGL you know if it’s free?, not sure what download I should choose, for free I only see the Steam option and everything on the list looks a different program/download, it’s maybe a suit?
I tried a performance test yesterday and it looks ok :confused:

Get the basic edition from steam, it is FREE

I made the Time Spy test (it seems to belongs to 3DMark) and I got the same results that other people with same processor and graphics card so I think it’s ok.

The same!!
Sketchup sometimes seems lagging when opening. And then it takes too much time for just a push/pull commands !@@!
I can’t believe that the I9 9900x + RTX 2080 8Gb is not strong enough to run Sketchup.
Or just a waste in spending our money for Sketchup 2019 -_-
My really really old laptop (I7 2670 + GTX 560M) which using Sketchup 2015 is still faster than this one.

It’s more than powerful enough, as you know, clearly. The issue is obviously not sketchup in this situation. Are you using any extensions, cloud backups or working with virtual drives?

Are your graphic drivers correct, so many possibilities.