Sketchup slow W10


I use the Sketchup 2017 software, with a windows 10, I recently changed my PC (64Go ram, a graphic card has 8Go of memory, a 9th generation i7… Since then I have the software which is very very slow, it takes a long time to open (2/3min minimum and even more when I have a small drawing) and it is very slow to use, whether there is a drawing or not.
I have a lot of slowdown on this software even though my pc is ultra powerful. I have tested several methods to make it better but nothing to do.
I have updated all my drivers, updated Windows, plugged in the right graphics card, followed these manipulations : Pourquoi Sketchup rame ? - Apprendre Sketchup
or these SketchUp LENT ! Analyse Sketchup 2019 sous Checkup 2017 - #3 by sebastien.corman

I’m running out of ideas! Could you give me some advice?

With kind regards,

Are all your SketchUp models affected or just some?

How long does it take to start SketchUp with no existing file?

Are you able to share an affected model?

Thanks for your feedback.

In fact all my models are affected, even if i started a new project SketchUp the soft is very slow to start.

I guess it’s my soft who is impacted and not a model in particular.

I can give you one model but all my model are affected by this. tell me if you want one.

Try installing SketchUp 2021 and running the trial version. Do you still see the same slow performance?

Is there any chance for not using any other version and mine work ?

I’m only suggesting that you try SketchUp 2021 as a test to see if the performance is better on your computer.

So far there is nothing in what you’ve provided to identify where exactly your slowdown occurs. It’s safe to say, though, that SketchUp 2017 Make has not changed in more than 3 years and, since you are only reporting this now, the issue is with your computer. You can also assume that SketchUp 2017 Make will not be getting any updates. It’s entirely possible that at some point in the future, the operating system may evolve beyond it.

Since you are using SketchUp as a hobbyist, another option for you would be to use SketchUp Free which is getting continuous updates.