Sketchup Pro running very slow

Suddenly sketchup has started to perform excessively slow and I can not figure out why. I have tried running the program completely by itself and I still have the same problem. I restarted my computer and made sure that all my drivers were up to date and the problem still occurs. I have checked for viruses or anything that could possibly make the program slow and found nothing. I am not having any of these issues with any other program on my computer only this one. Before this issue Sketch was working perfectly fine and I did plenty of work on it. It doesn’t what template I used or if it was a completely new file. I even re installed it to see if it would work and I had no luck.



In the same version or previous ones? Your profile says that your current version is 2017. Have your problems started when you upgraded to 2017?

You have an NVIDIA graphic card. Is it set as the default graphic card to supervise SketchUp?

One of the contributors is the render load on the graphics. If grahpts are ok There are several other things to try;
In the model info do a purge;
Select mono chrome render mode;
Last resort, make copy of your model and save it. Then remove all materials etc you have in model. If this brings the correct speed back its a good clue where the problem is. ;
You can also save all your materials to a library ( file) the gives you a skm file and you can then check thatsaved file and get some idea file size load it contributes. That is done by simply checking the file size reported by the explorer. Image type materials can make large size. That skm file is like a zip and the extension will have to be changed to open it if you get to that point.

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Same to me. I had this some month before and found out that Nvidia offered an update. I changed the graficcard to Intel. After installing the update I changed back and everything goes fine again.

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Same problem on my side. Have tried everthing. Seached on my video-card. Reinstallated other versions of Sketschup. Nothing helps…

After downloading Sketchup Make 2017 two days ago Sketchup has been so slow as to be utterly useless. These are the same Sketchup files that worked just fine before I switched to the 2017 version. Unfortunately, I discarded the previous version, and it seems no longer to be available for download. It looks like I’m going to have to find another CAD program – I certainly wouldn’t buy the Pro version of Sketchup after seeing what an abomination the free version has become.

You can get the 2016 version from here:

Thanks, Colin ! I’ll try it and post the results here.

I had the same issue. SU was running fine and then one day it slowed to a crawl.

I have an intel video adapter and ran the driver utility program found here:

The utility updated my video drivers and SU is now back to normal operating speeds.


I had the same symptoms on Win7 HP 64b, SU Pro 2017 running RubySketch PlusSpec architectural plugin, and it wasted a lot of my time yesterday wondering what had happened. :angry:
Thanks for the tip about the “purge” function in the ‘Model Info’ screen, ‘Statistics’ tab! I’m running flat-out again!! :grinning:


Same here! Insane slow!

Here, everything is ok!

I had the same problem. It is a new dell laptop and it was painfully slow to use su. I went to device manager/display adapters. I have an intel hd graphics 620. I selected “update driver” and it ran for a bit. now it seems to work. i haven’t tried anything very large yet with it.

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I had this problem start suddenly on my Surface Book II. Installing the Intel Driver full package seems to have resolved the issue. The full driver package on Intel’s website adds a system tray control panel to tweak performance. Just by installing it there seem to be some default performance changes.

I have been having the same exact issue today. I was literally screaming at my computer and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown.

I loaded the same model in 2018. Works absolutely fine. Switching from Sketchup 2017 to 2018 is what works for me, without doing anything fancy.

Today, I loaded up SU 2019 pro. Also had to update 3d space navigator drivers since installing new SU version. I noticed when working in SU2018 tonight, my files were much slower to manipulate. I unplugged the 3d space navigator and plugged it back in, then the speed returned to normal in SU.

My Sketchup is acting very slow too… purge doesn’t seem to work, but I was able to copy and paste my model into a new file, resave, and now the file is 10% the size of the original and runs much faster. Copying and pasting the model took about 20 minutes, however, which is still a long time.

Would be nice if the purge command would have the same effect, albeit, quicker.

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Sony Vaio, using 2016 on Win 7 without any problems. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650.

I changed my old hard drive with a new SSD and installed Win 7. Then Sketchup 2016 again. Now selection is very slow and dimensions disappear when orbit is used. Old hard drive works perfectly, the new SSD is problematic.

Sony’s web says all my drivers are up to date.

Any ideas anyone?

Find the ATI (AMD) driver website, it will be a pia due to the age of the system, get the latest driver. I may or may not help. One cannot believe the Sony site, it may be correct, there is no later driver.

AMD’s app cant find an AMD product in my Vaio. I think it has an Intel… My Device manager says that. And Win7 on HD has a 2010 driver that works perfectly, and Win 7 on new SSD has a 2013 driver that makes problems. I am currently trying to clone the old HD to another SSD… God I hate windows @#%^&%**#^%@!.. Everything on my Mac runs perfectly…