SketchUp lagging even with new file



I was previously running SketchUp perfectly fine, even with larger files then one day even opening a new file it lags. If anyone could tell me what could possibly be happening it would be very much appreciated.


It is almost impossible to propose a solution based on the limited information you offered. You should fill out your user profile with a description of your system specs and also upload an offending .skp file. This will help Forum users to better assist you.

To upload a file, use the upward pointing arrow icon located in the top center (7th from either the left or right) of the “Reply Box”. If your file is larger than the allowable 5mb limit, you will need to use a file sharing service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box and share the link address with this community.

Your chances of finding a resolution will be greatly increased if you do these things.


I’m running a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 with 8GB of RAM, i5 processor on Windows 10. I am not running any background programs either, it’s nothing to do with my hardware or any specific file because even with starting a new file with nothing on it besides the generic steve it lags when I try to pan or orbit. Any other modeling program I run is fine and fast.


However, thank you for the tips, I did think I filled out my user profile with those specs. when I created the account.


Have you recently done a windows update?
Seems there is an issue with some new Nvidia driver updates causing problems.
Try a roll back on your Nvidia driver.


Hello sir. I have the same problem. Sketchup runs very slow at new file . I have never used sketchup before and faced this issue at the 1st file i tried to make. Please help me of you found a solution to the same. Thank you.