New sketchup file takes forever to open

Recently my sketch up has been taking 5+ minutes to open a brand new file on my PC. I have a powerful computer and can run huge models on it, but for some reason lately I can barely get a new file open. Has this happened to anyone else? I have email and chrome open in the background but that is it and when I open task manager it says I am barely using any memory or CPU. I am stumped.

First thing, update you forum profile fully so we can see what you are working with.

okay done!

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How many extensions do you have loading? If it is a new file, then it is an issue with extensions or you have a large template loading.

Have you specifically updated your Nvidia driver from the Nvidia site since any and all Win 11 updates?

Yes I use Geforce Experience to update my driver regularly and just did windows updates today.

I have 11 extensions loaded:

None of those extensions should tke long to load. Can you share the template file with us? Maybe there’s something iin it that is responsible.

I have more extensions including Enscape a heavy extension, but it’s not taking more than 10 seconds for me to open a file. Have you tried closing all the programs you have running before opening sketchup? You should check if you have malware running on the background there’s a free antivirus called Malwarebytes that can detect malware that other antivirus can’t.

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I am just using the default template. Would sharing this help?

Maybe it would help. Rule out what isn’t causing the issue and you should be left with what is.

Default.skp (183.1 KB)

I am on a company computer and we use SentinelOne Agent and it says my status is secure so I don’t believe that malware is the issue

That may be the source of the slow down, though. SketchUp pings the license server when it starts up.

Once SketchUp is open does it take a long time to open a new file?

I think it’s safe to say it isn’t that template. Another thing you can try is disabling the extensions via Extension Manager and then see if there’s a change. If there is, enable a couple of extensions at a time and try again.

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Permissions being limited by the all knowing IT department can cause slowdowns.

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Maybe this is it. I do feel like its slower when I first start up my computer.

There are a few extensions I rarely use so I will disable them. It would make sense if it was our company IT settings.

That’s fine. You could disable all of them as a test and re-enable them as needed.

It certainly wouldn’t be unusual.