Loading, opening new file very slow since upgrading to 2017

Since upgrading to 2017 (fresh install) it takes much longer to run File > New or open an existing SKP file. Even small files can take 20-30 seconds or more. Larger files hang for closer to a minute. 2016 didn’t have this issue for me. I’ve still gor 2016 installed and it does not have the same problem on the same machine. 16 opens files instantly.

When you installed SU2017, did you install it properly by right clicking on the installer and choosing Run as administrator?

I don’t think I installed as administrator. Can you explain why that would have this effect?

Because SketchUp has to make some changes that require it be installed using Run as administrator. And being listed as Administrator isn’t sufficient, either.

Also see this: Important Update on a few Potential SketchUp 2017 issues on Windows

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date, too.

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I’ve customized my watermark and a set of materials as well as my preferences. Can I reinstall over my current install and keep all of my customizations?

Thank you for your response, by the way.

Yes. When you run the installer again using Run as administrator, it’ll give you the option to repair the installation. It won’t overwrite anything in the User/AppData/…/SketchUp directories.

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Thanks. I think my graphics driver is not up to date either so trying that first.

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Definitely repair the installation because it isn’t correct if you didn’t use Run as Administrator.

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Will do. Just want to update the graphics drivers first. I have intel graphics and this seems to be a known issue with those based on your link.

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Repair install as administrator didn’t fix the problem.

It will have fixed other problems you haven’t run into yet.

What about the graphics drivers?

Updating graphics drivers appears to have not had an effect.

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