Files Very Slow to Open

I have seen a few posts about this issue but none seem to have resolve.

Recently my Sketchup files open very slowly (prior would take 20 second, now takes 3-4 minutes.) This is a new issue. Nothing in my Sketchup set-up had changed.

I reinstalled Make '17 and when I first opened a file it opened almost immediately (5 seconds.) However, the second attempt (and since) its back to the 3+ minutes.

Windows 10
Intel Iris 540



Check whether a Windows 10 update helpfully “updated” your graphics driver.

Yeah, drivers are current.

I meant the other way around: there are numerous reports of Windows 10 gratuitously including Intel integrated graphics driver “updates” that are actually not the manufacturer’s most recent or are recent but break features that SketchUp needs. They also sometimes reset things so that Windows uses an integrated graphics instead of a more powerful discrete card. Any of these things can make SketchUp suddenly run much slower.

Interesting. How to identify the update with the issue? Several articles initially pointed to possible Windows updates but I never saw one that identified the culprit.

I downloaded Intel’s driver support program and it verified their most recent driver was installed.

Suggestions on how to pinpoint the problem?

Thoughts on why it would start-up extremely fast after the program re-install?

Thanks slbaumgartner

I re-installed the program again. Again, the software could open large files (50+KB) in around 10 seconds. I closed and opened the same file (and others) and each time the files opened about 5-10 seconds slower.
Then, when I made an adjustment and saved a large file the system really bogged down. Open time ran to more than 4 minutes.

These are pure vector files. No rendering. As I said, I tested my own files and downloaded a few from the warehouse. All have the same result.


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