Sketchup 2017 is behaving badly

Hello, without knowing why or how, at times, I have Sketchup 2017 running in slow motion, or even freezes completely! I just did a total reset of W10, friends still the same. Let me explain, when I open my file, no problem, the realization opens, then for example, I test with the 3D tool, to see in all directions, so far no problem. Then, if I select an edge to open a component, there it is, it takes a very long time to obtain the opening, when it wants to open, and sometimes it even crashes! The paradox is that at times, I have no problem everything works instantly!
If someone has an idea ?
thanks in advance

Typically the sort of thing you describe has been traced to the integrated Intel graphics. You could try updating your graphics drivers by going to the Intel site and getting their latest drivers to install.

In Window>Preferences>OpenGL you could try changing the state of the Use Fastfeedback check box and see if that helps.

It also helps to keep your models clean and lightweight. Use the Monochrome Face Style while modeling and don’t turn on shadows. Purge unused stuff from the model regularly, too.

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