FIle not opening in sketchup 2017


I am currently working in a desktop with windows 10 and sketchup 2017. I just rented this computer son I could render at a fast pace. It has a 3.5 ghz, 1tb hdd, 1tb ssd and nvidia P4000 graphics card, pretty powerful.

Revit works great but as soon as i started working on my model in sketchup, the program would freeze for 5 seconds and show a not responding message, every time i tried anything with a little bit of weight such as downloading something from the library, placing lights in su podium and in general the program didn’t work smooth (it goes smoother on my macbook pro and is less powerful). After I closed down the project and tried to open it, I couldn’t (I can in my macbook though) I m running a windows 10, is that theissue? what can I do? im super upset as i rented this computer for one month to exactly do what is not doing: work fast in my models and render quickly!

any help would be appreciated thank you!