Sketchup 2017 performance issues - again

Ok so I have had this slow response issue on and off since 2017 was installed on my laptop. I have updated my Intel HD 4000 video driver in the past and it fixed the issue. I used Sketchp just last week for a project and it was fine. when I tried using this morning for a new project the slowness has returned. I ran the sketchup checkup program and it came back clean. I downloaded a slightly newer version of the Intel graphics 4000 driver (win64_153345.4653.exe) and rebooted to no avail. I tried re-installing the older version of the Intel driver that did fix the problem at one time - now does not resolve the issue. I checked for windows updates - there haven’t been any since 6/13/2017. So there doesn’t appear to be any changes to my system since I successfully used sketchup just a couple days ago. I also checked for updates to sketchup 2017 - your posts indicate that there is a release 2 out, but when I checked for updates it says I have the latest version - 17.2.2555 64 bit version.

17.2.2555 is maintenance release 2 for Win 64-bit.

See Release Notes:

You could try running 2016 Make until these things get resolved, but some users on Win10 also have had issues with v2016.
Older versions:

OK I downloaded version 2015 and installed it this morning. I already still had sketchup 2016 installed (which exhibits the same slowness. sketchup 2015 also exhibited the same slowness until I installed an older version of the intel HD 4000 driver. Once that older video driver was installed and I rebooted, now both sketchup 2015 and 2016 respond normally. However, sketchup 2017 crashes immediately and brings up the bug track screen.

so I can work with version 2016…

thanks for your help and I hope this information helps others…

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What version of the driver did you install?

I used the intel hd 4000 driver dated 12/21/2015 - version #

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This solved the problem for me! I’ll stick to these for a while. :slight_smile: Thanks so much!

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