Select Tool suddenly very slow


until the day before yesterday everything in sketchup 2016 make worked fine. Yesterday I opended the file I am currently working on and now it takes very Long to select i.e. a line. everything else is still working fine and smooth.
I tried to upgrade to 2017… nothing changed. Even if I open a new blank file… it’s still the same.

Any Ideas?

Lots of threads on this topic already.

Try: Sketchup all of a sudden not Loading. Not responding - #2 by SketchUp3D_de

@hermue, make sure you have the latest available graphics driver for your Intel HD4000 per:

Thank you, I didn’t find those Topics… only the ones , where everything was slow and where a NVIDIA-Card was causing the Problems… Since my graphiccards Driver didn’t Change and there was no newer Version of a Driver, I guessed, that this something else…

But I will look at it again this evening!

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