Sketchup make 2017 5 sec delay to select anything

I’ve started using win 10 Pro on a brand new hp Elitebook and when I try to use sketchup it loads fine and does most things with no problem but when I use the select tool it takes 5 seconds to select something. I timed it.
I tried reinstalling with a shut down in between, installing 2016 and running Sketchup checkup but not change. Checkup says that my computer is all good.
What else can I try?

Seems to be this issue: Selection Tool process is slow, unbearably slow

hi thanks for the link I just had a look and it’s mostly talking about uninstalling an update that happened in March, but this computer didn’t exist in march. I literally got it like 2 weeks ago. The earliest update is the 16th of October.
So I can’t uninstall and update that was never installed :frowning:

It could be a different Windows update. It could also be the Intel GPU drivers. Intel cards are well-known for less than adequate OpenGL support but some users have found some driver versions that work better than others. First check to see if there’s a newer driver and install it if there is. If not, try rolling back to an older driver.

Also look at the power save profile set up on the computer. It might be that changing the power saving settings will help.

Thanks Dave, I tried uninstalling a different security update and got nothing so I reverted to the old graphics card driver and it working fine now. The driver was signed late 2016 there was only one other driver on my computer to choose from.
Device manager- display device - update driver- select from a list…

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