Sketchup Make 2017 Extremely Slow

Hi Everyone,

I am just wondering if anyone can help me, I have Sketchup Make 2017 on a Windows based PC for the last couple of days its been terrible slow when I am trying to accomplish some basic maneuvers.

  1. When I triple click the object so as that to make a component it wont work, or even when I try to select the entire object only once face is being selected
  2. When using the toolbars the commands are very sluggish, like a couple of seconds to do what I commanded

I have run the diagnostic tool that Sketchup has and it came back all clean , I don’t have any other issues with my pc

I hope someone has a solution to these problems

Can you share the model you’re working on? Some of the symptoms you describe could be related to your model, some could be related to the Intel HD 530 graphics on your computer.


To be honest I am not working on a model at the moment, but I am simply trying to test it out by making a basic cube.

I am curious to learn your unstated comments on the Intel 530 graphics card. That is the card that came with my Dell computer, which I purchased in the spring of 2017. I had no problems with SketchUp, AutoCAD or any other problem until 30-60 days ago. Since then, SketchUp has become unusable. AutoCAD, etc., are fine. Now any use of the selection tool is excruciatingly slow and not very accurate. Trying to do any productive work is out of the question. Essentially, I have abandoned it.

But, maybe you have a secret solution. I would be interested in your comments.


I have the Intel HD 530 graphics card in my six months old Dell computer, running Windows 10 x64. The SU Selection Tool was taking 5-15 seconds for every click, which renders SU 2017 Make useless. After a couple weeks I abandoned SU, but yesterday I tried SU again, thinking maybe I would find a new update had solve the problem. But there were no updates for software or drivers - my system was current.

Using Device Manager, I checked Display Devices, and found my graphics card was an Intel HP 530, which agreed with the components listed under the Dell Service Code. I decided to try to roll back the graphics driver, but Device Manager had grayed-out the option to roll back to a previous driver. This made me think the computer came with the current driver, directly from Dell. So looking for a previous driver, I went to the Intel Support Site and was excited to find a more current driver was listed for my 530 graphics card. But after downloading and running the driver, I received a message that it was incompatible with my computer, even though it was specifically listed as compatible with my graphics card. The message also advised I go to the Dell site and get the correct driver.

On Dell’s site, I found a different driver version than the current driver installed on my system. (Mine was a 22.xx.xx.xxxx version, if I recall correctly, while the listed one was There was no 22.xx.xx.xxxx version listed on the Dell site.) Fortunately, after installing this driver, the Selection Tool problem seemed to be operating correctly, however, my trial session was very brief.

I do not know how the 22.xx.xx.xxxx version came to be installed on my computer. Even so, when running software and driver update apps from Windows 10, Dell, and Intel, all showed my drivers were current. I am now cautious since there is much discussion about the “automatic” updating of some software programs that are not fully tested before release. In addition, the updates sometime happen without the user’s knowledge or permission.

One other curious thing. I believe the following was found on the Dell driver site. My graphics card (Intel HP 530) was listed as compatible with the driver I wished to install. However, somewhere a notice appeared stating I had installed a version of the Intel 6000 Graphics Card series. Don’t know if that has anything to do with anything, but made me wonder what I had just installed. Currently holding my breath. But, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

For what it is worth, the graphics driver for the Intel HD 530 that crippled the SketchUp Make Selection Tool was: It was replaced by Dell (earlier version), which is working. Seems to me this isolates the problem to either SU Make (2016 & 2017) or the graphics driver. Since both 2016 & 2017 were effected by the problem, I lean to the driver being the problem.

Yep, roll back the driver, much discussion about intel drivers and MS, see this: Selection Tool process is slow, unbearably slow

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