SU Pro 2017 Painfully Slow

Hi, my SU lags really bad and gives a “Not Responding” message everytime I click, move, or do pretty much anything else. My computer is really powerful and can run Lumion at optimal speeds. I’m not quite sure what is wrong.Any ideas? I have Windows 10.

Have you searched the forums?
For example, this may have some bearing.

Also, your profile needs updating, it says you are running on a Mac.

Sketchup has quite a few known issues around Graphics Adapter selection and Windows 10 updates that can hobble it.

Make sure ‘Use Fast Feedback’ is unticked, as that can potentially cripple it.

You could try reinstalling but make sure you use ‘Run as Administrator’ on the installation.

Also, look at the NVidia control panel if you are have that graphics card, and ensure Sketchup is using the NVidia card and not an integrated Intel chipset.

Thanks. I have a Mac as a personal computer but I just started my first job and I have a PC at work. I haven’t had a chance to put in its information yet. I will check out the graphics card tomorrow. I never thought it would be the issue but that makes sense.

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