SketchUp Pro 2017 so slow it is unusable

Just installed Pro 2017 and even with a very simple model, it takes around 7 seconds to select an element. Intel graphics driver up to date. CheckUp diagnostics pass on all fronts - Open GL, hardware acceleration etc all good. Model purged.
No other programs running and competing for resources. 32Mb RAM on board. Should be as fast as lightening.

Suggestions please.

Thank you.

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There was an automatic Windows update pushed a week or so back that screwed up a bunch of programs including SketchUp. Maybe that’s causing your problems, too. See this thread:

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Thank you Dave!!

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Turns out that the offending update wasn’t installed on my machine so its back to the drawing board. Any other suggestions?

Not sure if you got response already, but I noticed from your profile that you have an Intel graphics card, which on the post that @DaveR mentioned above, received this comment

Just thought I’d mention it, in case it helps.

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