Selection Tool being slow!

Hi There,

Is anyone having problems with Selection Tool being slow about 15 seconds approx, updated my graphics card on Intel which I was asked in sketchup 2017 but still getting the same problem really frustrating to say the least.

Regards Brian UK.

Hi Brian,
that is a known problem a lot of people has encountered. It is caused by the Windows 10 updates messing around with your graphic card. Some people has solved it by getting rid of the last windows update, others bij updating de drivers of the graphic card. But those end being temporal fixes and with the next windows update you might have the problem again. For Sketchup 2017 there is not other way to solve it, but sketchup has managed to make a fix for 2018
Here is a thread where they talk about the problem and possible fixes:
Hope this helps!
Regards, Raquel

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