Pointer very slow

I am using Sketchup Make 2017 on a new computer running on windows 10. I have an Intel HD Graphics card.
The selection tool is unbearably slow. What can I do

Read the extensive threads on this forum for potential solutions. There seem to be a variety of things causing this problem and a variety of possible fixes. See this principal thread:


Hi there, I had this same problem - Windows 10 & an Intel graphics card. I upgraded to Sketchup 2018 and the Sketchup help team sent me a file called WindowsSlowSelectionWorkaround.bat. I installed this and it fixed it. I would upload the file here, if only I knew how!

The above is the link Sketchup sent me. Hope it helps.

Sorry, forgot to say that in the above link, the first 4 pages or so are data collection pages but the last page provides the link to the file that solves the problem.

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