Sketch Up 2017 Pro Runs Slow

I have been using SKU17 for a while and it has always been really slow. Sometimes it altogether stops responding. It doesn’t matter the file size, it responds the same way. My graphics card and computer are really quick and can run Lumion seamlessly, so it really confuses me that Sketch Up struggles so badly. Any ideas as to why it runs like this?

Did you search the forum at all before you posted? This issue has been discussed in depth already.

Very sorry, disregard that hasty post. I forgot to check your profile – that thread I referred you to concerns Windows 10 users, and apparently you are on Mac.

So somebody else’ll have to help you.


So I was right. I just undeleted my first post. You should find relevant advice there.

Oh sorry, I should have prefaced by saying that my work computer is a PC. My personal computer is a Mac. I’m having trouble with the PC!

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