SU 2017 Pro is SO!

I have been looking at multiple forums for the last few hours and still need to get to the bottom of this. My Sketchup Pro 2017 run through Windows 10 was working just fine last week and now that I’ve re-opened my project to continue work, it is painfully slow.

I have Intel HD Graphics 620 and OpenGL Version: 4.5. I believe this is sufficient?

Anything would help!!!


I ended up solving my issue by…

Right Click Windows Manager > Display Adapters > Intel HD Graphics 620 Properties > Driver > Roll Back Driver.

I had to go back to an old version of my driver because the apps weren’t supported by the update I made when I was prompted recently to do so (or so I think).

Anyhow, I hope this helps somebody else because I spent my whole day figuring this out! GRRRR…

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