Sketchup running slow lagging


Hi, i’ve installed sketchup make on my windows 10 pc and it’s impossible to work, it is running so slow. how can i fix this ?


Hello. Have a look at the system requirements page for the hardware and software. Is your Hardware Acceleration turned on in the program? Also, which version of SketchUp is it? You didn’t specify.


See this thread:


it’s sketchup make 2017, i tried to reinstall it but that doesn’t work…


Did you install correctly using Run as administrator?


i did everything like they said


Like who said? What did you do? Be specific.


i installed sketchup make 2017, it worked but now it is extremly slow, i did nothing special, just installed it like normal


For the second time: Did you install it using Run as administrator?

Then you didn’t install it using Run as administrator. To properly install SketchUp you must use Run as administrator which you’ll see when you right click on the installer.

What is your graphics card? Did you update the drivers? Did you read the thread I linked to earlier?


Thanks DaveR - it was that thread I intended the post to be in.
Just wondered if Microsoft had been made aware of the issue because none of the posts in that thread actually said so.
I realise Microsoft will get thousands of requests a day but surely something from major software developers carries more weight than mine as an individual.
Would be interesting to know what percentage of SketchUp users are using Intel HD graphics I suspect a higher percentage of Make users than one might think.
I am about to offer basic training to a group of potential users, most of whom will have their own laptop but who will also be largely unaware of the “inner” workings of their machine.


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