SketchUp 2015,2016,2017,2018 is very slow

I have a gaming PC 32Gb Ram,6Gb Graphic card,i7 8th Genration.
and my file is 5.95mb but is very slow why.
tell me the solution pleas i have a project but i cant complete it cuz of this issue

Is SketchUp using the right graphic card or an internal one? Do you have profiles enabled in your style (to my knowledge this is always done on the CPU)? What is your model polygon count? A model with a huge polygon count can still be a very small file if components are used efficiently.

I also have certain problems about performance, maybe it’s not the same problem, in my case it’s a GTX 750ti 2GB OC, I run a 3D performance test app yesterday and values looks OK. I can work with simple models ok, but when there is an object with more than basic geometry, then it takes some time to explode it or intersect with or use some extensions on it.

You can attach a .skp file in your post and tell us how long it takes some different operations/actions. I can compare with mine.

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i hide some of the layers to speedup the can check it.

Your model is hugely over complex and would bring most computers to their knees. Just one section of your floor is made of over 21000 components. That could just be a texture.

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Thank You (Box)

It seems my computer cannot handle it. It took me about 3-4 minutes to see something and everytime I orbit it gets frozen for more than 1 minute :confused: