Slow program

hi, my sketchup is really slow, I can´t do anything
would you help me?

For starters you can provide details about your computer and its operating system. Your profile is not complete. What version of Sketchup are you running?

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Was SketchUp performing better in the recent past? In other words, has the performance gotten worse for you recently? If so, has anything changed - operating system updates or patches, using a different SketchUp model or big changes to the SketchUp model, etc.?

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processor: Intel Core i5-8250U 1.60GHz
64 bits

SketchUp Pro 2019

yes, it was working very good until today, I saw it was very slowly so I decided to install some extensions that the program asked me for. Thats only what I´ve done

Please correct your profile. It’s different than this.

Is this new behavior? How large is the model file? Have you tried purging unused stuff from the file? Can you share the file so we can see what you are working with?

What extensions? Installing extensions won’t help the speed of the program?

Have you tried updating the graphics drivers? It might be that a Windows update included a broken graphics driver. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time that happened if it’s the cause.

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the model file is 72.1 MB
I tried to upload it but I couldn´t, I don´t know why
I´ve already updated the graphics drivers


Upload it to Drop Box and share the link. It’s probably the file size, your computer’s CPU, and GPU that is causing your problems.

Have you made significant changes to the model today? Inserted some new (complex) components, or added image textures, or etc.? I would not expect that a model which behaved OK yesterday, would behave noticeably slower today with no changes.

Are you running some additional applications on your desktop today (that perform background computations or I/O or etc.) which were not running yesterday? I’m just hunting for possibilities.

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I’d fully expect a 72 MB model to have some lag. Try putting the high poly objects on a hidden layer (or tag?) to make it faster.

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I got an “Access Denied” message. Apparently you didn’t set permissions to allow me to download it.

I have a lot of guide lines, I´m trying to eliminate them, but I can’t, it’s really slowly.
This happen only with this model file.

try again, sorry

Have you tried Edit>Delete Guides?

I’ll try your link again.

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yes, thank you, I eliminated them, but the model is still getting freeze, it doesn´t respond

Your model has a number of problems. First, you’ve drawn your building so it is standing up on its side.

You have a desk at a long distance from the rest of the model

There’s more to come.

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Running CleanUp3 got rid of a bunch of unused stuff that was bloating the file.
Screenshot - 5_20_2020 , 7_58_39 AM

There’s still a lot of excessive geometry in this model. The stacks of crates, the chairs, toilets, and sinks are all quite a load. If you must have such heavily detailed components, try changing the face style to Monochrome or Hidden Line so that your graphics card doesn’t have to process the materials for display.

The sliding door hardware is over modeled for what you need to show in a model like this. Just the rim of one of the large wheels has over 9000 entities. The wheels are elliptical, too. Looks like they’ve been scaled incorrectly.
Screenshot - 5_20_2020 , 8_08_16 AM

In short, it’s the way you’ve created this model that has caused the slow downs you see.


And some additional stuff to look at. The ladder in the middle of the model: Notice how large the bounding box is when it is selected.

That’s because there’s a bunch of hidden entities. More than 3100 of them are selected in the next screen shot. Surely you don’t need to keep that stuff.
![Screenshot - 5_20_2020 , 8_19_26 AM|690x469]

Probably don’t need the hidden fence pales either.

Deleting all of that stuff makes the bounding box a reasonable size for the ladder.

It’s not standing straight but I expect that’s due to you rotating it to get it into your misaligned building.

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The guy on the top of the ladder has six hands. I think two would be plenty.