My sketchup is being super slow, im doing my graduating project and im in tears

Hi everyone, never done one of those before but im i dont know what else to do.
Im doing my graduating project, It started ok but now it takes forever to open, and it takes sometimes over an hour to just zoom in and out. The building im doing its pretty big thats true. Can onyone help me? I even tried copy the rooms individually to work with them in a new file but still is lagging like crazy… Im angry im in tears and a lot of time is just wasted…

the file -

First, share the .skp file with us so we can see exactly what you’ve got going on. I expect it’s too large to upload directly to the forum so upload it to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.

It would help us if you figure out what operating system and graphics card your computer has and put that in your forum profile.

thank you for responding, Im already on that. It ll be some time to load in to drive. Ill sent the link as soon as done

I’m looking at your file now. I’ll be back ASAP.

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First thing I see s the tones of geometry in the canopy over the patio. That geometry will slow your computer down. It would be better to use a texture for that.

There are also a lot of reversed faces (the blue one) which should be corrected.

There seems to be a lot of excess stuff not used in the model space.

There seems to be a bunch of overly detailed entourage components in your model while other things are much lighter.

There is some unused stuff that could be purged from the file.
Screenshot - 6_11_2023 , 12_28_34 PM
Incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 6_11_2023 , 12_29_03 PM

There’s a crazy number of materials in this project. Many of them are much larger than they need to be.

There are also a lot of textures that are adding to the complexity of the model (and the load on your computer) that really don’t seem to make sense. For example, do you really need to have textures applied to pencils or the page edges of books or even the covers of books on shelves? Since they aren’t visible in normal views of your model space those textures are all liability with no benefit. If it were my project I would go through the model and remove those textures.

I didn’t remove anything that was used in the model space but I did reduce the size of the 50 largest materials after purging the unused stuff. The file size is reduced by 50%. I’ve also set the face style to Monochrome and turned off Profiles to reduce the load on your graphics card. Here’s the link to the purged file. Hopefully your computer will manage to handle it.


Thank you so so much, for your time and your notes. The file you sent me opens and i can zoom in and out without wait. The truth is i dont really know what everything of what you told me truly means, or how I can see if an object is heavy or light and im not very expirianced in Sketchup either. I ll still try to learn tho.
Also you said that all edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Like … everything i design from scrath? Like the walls? (sorry if that question sounds stupid)

You should take the time to go through the instructional materials at You aren’t helping yourself by just plowing ahead without knowing how to use the program correctly.

Like everything. The walls and other things you create as well as all of the components you add from the 3D Warehouse or other sources.

There are plug-ins that help you to have a cleaner model, material resizer is one of them, I think it’s developed by the sketchup team, it reduces the size of the materials you have on your model, another good one is default tag geometry, it’s very helpful if you import models from the 3D warehouse, some of those models have tags and not always well used. As you were told, it would be better to follow the free courses for beginners on the link provided by Dave, it could save you a lot of time in the future.
Just out of curiosity, are you doing your thesis for architecture?

Hi!! Thanks for the tips. No, im studying interior design. Im turning a 2 stories storage room into a youth center/library. I have another file for the second story … but its giving me less trouble

One other piece of advice when you’re setting up your entourage. If you’re going to have a lot of something, the same something, like tables and chairs, make them into components.
Grouping is a good way to keep your geometry isolated so it doesn’t get caught on things when you’re trying to move stuff around. If you make it a component, however, it creates a shortcut for the software so it doesn’t have to treat each individual chair as a unique group.

Some of your chairs are already components, like the ones in the cafe area. That’s good. This theater setup, however, could definitely be slimmed down by making one of the chairs a component and then using move and duplicate to copy it out.

It’ll help your model be more performant and can help cut down your file size significantly.

Using components does not reduce the amount of faces and edges SketchUp has to process. When using many instances of anything, the components should be as light as possible.

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