Sketchup 2018/2019 Pro slow on new high end PC



We have just bought a brand new custom built high end PC.

  • CPU: I9-9900
  • Memory: 32 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia 2080
  • HDD: Samsung 1TB NVMe SSD

When opening files, copying stuff, saving, moving around… Basicly all operations are extremely slow and will show the program as not responding.

We have tried:

  • Updating drivers
  • Updating windows
  • Making sure SU is using the correct GPU
  • Change between creative and gaming driver
  • Change performance mode on GPU
  • Reinstall/Repair SU
  • Tested on both SU 2018 and 2019

We are currently in the dark on why this beast of a PC wont run SU properly.

Anyone has any good ideas on what we can try or do?

SU Support is not being helpful and just points to the reseller who points to the seller who is just a sales person with no technical knowledge.

Thanks for any help


Is SketchUp set to use the graphic card for rendering? How big is the model (file size and polygon count). Are shadows and/or profiles turned on? Are any extensions installed?


Hi enoroth3,

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

So yes, SU is set to use the graphic card. The slow performance is in all aspects, including just opening the file (from local disk).

This is info from one of the files:
4877 component definitions
Faces 2152067
Shadows off
No extensions on
File imported from AutoCad file (DWG)
Size Sketchup ; 521 MB


It sounds to me the problem is with the file and SketchUp’s ability to import DWGs. SketchUp doesn’t support real curves and circles, only segmented representations, and the DWG importer creates a quite huge amount of segments.

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