SketchUp Pro Overall Platform Performance?


In a recent post, I had noticed a comment made about SU overall performance. The individual was pointing out that there was a statement that SU 2019 was “faster,” but also stated that there was no direct information to support this claim from SU. The part of this which troubled me the most was that the performance of SU is not solely based on the end-users hardware but more on the SU platform itself. I have a ((MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)) and recently purchased a custom built high-end desktop pc w/ high-end graphics card (11GB Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080TI) and processor (Intel Core i9-9900X) to address what I thought was an issue with my models hanging up on me both in SU and Layout. Did I spend a lot of money for possibly nothing?


hello, how is your sketchup hanging up ? Couldn’t it just be the autosave, how big are the models you are working on ?


Paul, Thank you for the reply here. The file size is only 13.1 MB, so not a large file at all. In this particular instance the model was excellent in SU, but when I brought it over to Layout it was challenging to get file completed due to the “Rainbow Wheel of Death” is would start spinning every time I made a change with adding in the text. It is my first problem or issue inside of Layout. The last issue I had in SU involved a CAD file which was imported in from an architect firm and even after having my CAD department cleanup and strip the file down to my basic needs the program would still hang up on me.


I never used sketchup on an apple device, so I’m afraid I won’t be of any help on the first matter… I thought you had issues with your brand new PC desktop since you were afraid of having bought something expensive for nothing (which is kind of true, because sketchup isn’t using much ressources unless you are rendering images through vray or similar.)
how’s all this running on PC ? i’m importing Cad files on every model I make, if you like I can have a look on a model you have troubles with and try to identify the cause !

EDIT : I might never have used sketchup on MacOs, but I know for sure that my girlfriend’s macbook pro quite as old as your mac was getting veeeeery slow for pretty much anything, and replacing its dying HD - Tools pointed it as the faulty one - for an SSD gave him a new life. Perhaps it’s the same for yours and it might not come from sketchup nor layout)