Performance issues when rendering


We are an IT service provider and recently we gained a new client.
They’ve got people (interior architects) using Sketch Up Pro and one of them has performance issues.
Since this is not our business, we only can judge the current system specs, and they seem fine.
So my question is, could they be ‘designing’ it wrong?
I’ve been reading some documentation about how you shold not use Sketch Up, but that’s all chinese for us :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded a sample, maybe some of you are willing to have a look at how it’s built? Maybe the issue is just that they’re using the wrong tools in Sketch Up Pro?

Anyway, the system specs are 12 GB RAM, i7-7700k, SSD and a GTX 10xx series with 3 GB RAM.
The previous IT service provider sold them this system, I would have gone with Nvidia Quadro series, no?

Link to the sample:

Note that they make use of 3D.

Thanks for the feedback

Three immediate reactions.

1 The file is (for Sketchup) HUGE. I’m working with a 300MB file, and performance is always an issue even on an iMac with a 4GHz processor, unless lots of visibility layers are turned off. And that’s a colleague’s iMac. Mine, with i5 3.3GHz processor, really struggles with his full model - I just work on parts of it. So I’m not surprised performance is sluggish with a model this big. At the moment, I’m only able to work on an older MacBook Pro so I won’t even attempt to download this model. The 300MB file takes about 5mins to open on this laptop.

2 For SU the GTX10xx series is both better performing, and better value for money, than a Quadro series graphics card, according to what I read in the forum. It seems it has faster or fuller OpenGL 3+ support, which SU uses heavily in the current v2017.

3 Yes, they may be ‘designing it wrong’. There are lots of ways to slow down Sketchup, and my colleague has found a lot of them.

Here’s a link to some ideas for your client to check out in his/her model.
How to improve Sketchup performance

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