Desktop Build Suggestion needed?

Hello World!

This question might have been asked many times but i couldn’t find any recent post regarding this, if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

I am an Architecture & Interior Design Student… and Need to build a powerful enough desktop for using SketchUp Pro and “V-Ray for SketchUp” for rendering purpose.

I tried to hunt over the internet but I am unable to find any reliable information about what Kind and Type of CPU, GPU and RAM will be best…

Is is sufficient enough to build a HeavyDuty Gaming PC? will that serve the purpose for using These softwares?
or I have go for some specific type of GPUs and CPUs?

I have understood the fact, that Sketchup uses only one core at a time so The CPU should be Powerful rather then Multi-Core.

and for 3D Rendering and V-Ray I would require a GPU that Supports CUDA? is that right?

An Ideal PC i can Think of could be…

CPU: Intel Core i7 ( which model of it that im doubtful about)
GPU: 4GB VRAM [which barnd or models are good for 3D Modeling and Rendering?)
RAM: 16GB of RAM.
with a SSD & HDD and around 750W of a PSU.

My Budget is around 1500 USD (and some of the parts I can buy preused in my country)
If anyone can help me out i shall be really thankful.



CPU: i7 as highly specced as you can afford, preferably something that has a high GHz value, SketchUp doesn’t benefit from more cores but other software may.
GPU: nVidia GTX 10xx series, preferably GTX1060 or higher, be aware that the GTX 1060 comes in 3GB, 5GB and 6GB versions.
RAM: if you’re going 16GB make sure to leave an upgrade path, ie. if you have 4x RAM slots only fill half of them for now, unless you’re maxing out the most RAM that the motherboard can recognize (or your OS address).
SSD: SSD’s are better than mechanical drives, if you’re performance minded then be sure to get a PCIE based SSD (thus a NVMe SSD), they offer higher performance than SATA based SSD’s. Get a 500GB+ SSD for OS and programs, keep any / all data on a separate drive that could be a mechanical drive.

For a motherboard the Z370 series is sufficient with an 8700K processor. Mine is 3.7G. A discrete GPU is a must . Click on my avatar to get computer specs.

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Thank You Guys for the Prompt Reply…

Really Appreciate that.