SU2020 horrible performance

So since version 2014 I have been using an i7-4790K with successive GPU upgrades. Until yesterday I was using SU2019 on this system that has 32GB ram and a 2080ti GPU.
Today I built a new PC and installed SU2020 and opened the same model I was working on before and the performance is horrible, really bad.
The new system is a Ryzen 9 3950x, 64GB and the same 2080ti.

previous 4790k clocks were typically 4.3ghz, Current 3950x is about he same on all cores.

What is going on !?!?

How do you score in this test:

  1. Sketchup definitely using the correct GPU?

  2. Test your performance using common benchmarking tools (3dmark is a good one for SketchUp) and find out if its sketchup or general PC slowness (which may reveal a hardware issue such as improperly installed CPU cooler).

  3. Literally every time I’ve built a new PC, its takes a few days and a handful of restarts to settle down. Drivers, various updates and settings are still taking shape under the hood. This is even more true for brand new, top spec hardware. Motherboard (chipset drivers) are always finicky.


I’ve fiddled with a couple of settings in the nvidia control panel but it is a bit faster now. Don’t egt me wrong, it’s a brutal model but the 4790K seemed to be handling it better. In fairness though that was 2019 SU not 2020.

For the curious my “Test Time” result was: Capture

Everything else is running fine.

FYI I am running at 3440x1440 and my settings in open GL are normally maxed out.

Just tried again @ 1920x1080 and lower settings, basically I average 32fps whatever the settings or resolution.

You really need to install 2019 to test like for like. If 2019 is running slower then it’s something wrong with the setup. Running faster on another computer doesn’t really mean anything.

Unfortunately the dumb license rules for SU prevent me from doing that. I had 2019 on my old PC, replaced that with my new PC and installed the 2020 version. Can’t now install any 2019 versions…thanks Trimble, genius move!

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be aware, that the single thread performance, which is relevant for SU modeling operations, of the Ryzen is only 15% better than the ol’ i7-4790K, therefore don’t expect a tangible performance boost w/ the Ryzen at least during modeling.

For the display output speed ensure the SU is running on the GeForce via the 3D program settings of the nVidia control panel (“right-click Windows desktop > NVIDIA…”).

That’s why I pointed out he clock frequencies in he original post as I am aware it’s not going to use the 16 cores I have. They come in very handy on other workloads I perform though.
The upgrade criteria was to not perform worse that the outgoing system in single thread whilst offering significant multicore uplift.
Ryzen 3000 is about on par with Intel now in IPC so with the 4790K @ 4.3 and my 3950x matching or exceeding that I was expecting fairly close SU performance.
The new rig does seem to be getting faster in SU the more I open it and use it though. I am also trawling throughthe settings to get them set up as per the 2019 I had already tweaked to my liking.

You could have moved the 2019 license to another machine if you did so before installing a newer version. (This applies to Classic licenses however.)

Help (menu) > License… > Remove License… (red button)

You may still be able to migrate the 2019 license off of the old PC onto the new one.
@colin ?

if SU v2020 is activated already a previous version cannot be activated on a new system anymore.

Then I agree with the OP, it’s dumb !


Bingo… hence my use of the word dumb. If you want to run dodgy copies its very easy to do so . This annoying feature only serves to annoy legit users.

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lol, good luck with that one, just keeping the classic version alive is a miracle. Don’t see them changing their stance on this.

I have some amount of super powers, and feel sure that for the next week you will be able to test 2019 again. To avoid running into issues try to keep the number of machines you have activated on as low as possible. That is, a test on one machine may well work, but a test on a second new machine without removing the license on the first new machine is likely to fail.

Don’t activate 2020 on any machine before you finish the tests.

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Faster than a speedy subscription, …
Able to defeat classic license limitations in a single bound, …
Look, up in sky, it’s bird, it’s a plane, …
No it’s SketchUpMan !


FWIW, any machine that hasn’t run 2019 can go in trial mode. I don’t get the idea of wanting to activate immediately after installation of a program. Run the trial, and while you are at it, install version 2018 as well and run the tests.

Did you test with the model Mike posted or your own?
There seems to be something going on in your system. Running Mike’s model full screen on a 4K monitor gives me this:
And my machine ought to be a tad slower than yours (i7-9700KF @3,6 GHz, RTX 2070)

In old times AMD processors were often in practice slower with 3D applications than Intel because of their poorer math performance, but I thought that this shouldn’t be the case any longer.