Video card recommendations for Pro


I’m considering purchasing a seat of Pro for home use.
I’ve been using free desktop version for past several years for home projects like my wife’s chicken coop design on my i3 8G Intel HD graphics desktop just fine.
But you recommend I purchase a dedicated video card? Is it because of the simplicity of my design that I’m not having any problems and video performance will come into play if I get into more complex designs?


Historically the best graphics cards have been Nvidia GeForce cards. The current recommendation is to get something like a GTX 10xx or in that range.


Wow… A gtx 1070 would be way too high budget for sketchup, unless you plan to render your models with a renderer that supports gpu rendering. Sketchup on its own is not that video-memory consuming. I manage to run 60+ mb files on laptops that only have integrated graphic chipsets pretty smoothly.
If you want some comfort a gtx 1050 will do just fine! Don’t ruin yourself, especially with the crazy prices the cryptocurrencies caused!


Video RAM is typically not the issue but the performance and the maturity of the OpenGL driver support.

which affects mainly the AMD Radeon series, if upgrading go for a GTX 1050Ti which is significantly faster for only a few bucks more:

Check space in case and the output of the PSU before buying.


reason why I said no need to go for a GTX 1080 ! :wink:

true for the output & case space, never forget !


a GTX 1080 is not claimed ! :wink:


Dave did (well sorry not 1080, 1070, my bad), but he edited his post !


relax, everything fine :nerd_face:


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