Videocard Requirements for SketchUp Pro 2017, 2018, and BEYOND



Occasionally, I’ll have someone ask “what kind of computer should I get for SketchUp?” and while I cannot make specific recommendations for what you should get, I CAN tell you what you might want to avoid.

If you are buying a computer for use with SketchUp Pro, you will want to check out this list.
TechPowerUp GPU Specs Database
If the computer you are looking at has only one video card, and it is on this list, then you’ll want to keep shopping. These are all examples of integrated graphic processors (IGP) that share their memory with your computer’s system memory.

Instead, you’ll want a computer that includes a GPU (graphics processing unit) with its own dedicated memory. If the computer has a GPU on this list from, then there’s a pretty good chance that it will work swimmingly with SketchUp. Actual mileage may vary. It’s also fun to look at their Price Performance Benchmark too.

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