Which Video card is Best for sketchup Products

I am a new user of SketchUp. I am using a normal Graphic card (HP ES355AA). I am not sure if I need to upgrade my graphic card for the best performance.
Please also tell me which graphic card you are using.

That is an old Nvidia QuadroFX 1500 card. It only has 256MB of video memory so in principle it is below the minimum specs listed in

So if it works, be happy. Is your computer old? Fitting this card into a modern computer would be a waste of money, but older setups often have limitations like small power units. I have an old desktop with the slightly more powerful FX1800 card that I considered replacing but as it would also have required a new PSU I opted for a new computer instead. If your computer can take it, go for a “consumer” type Nvidia card (RTX or GeForce) instead.