Graphic Card which one to choose

I have to buy a new video card for my PC.
I want to know if your video card amd rx480 8Gb DDR5 is good for running complex scenes sketchup 2017 or some other card. I can spend a maximum of 300 euro
My pc is as follows:
intel i7 3770
ssd 250 Samsug
ram 16 Gb
monitor: Dell UltraSharp 2415
Thank you in advance

I suggest you do a search of the forum, as this topic has been beaten nearly to death! The short version is that there are fewer problems reported with OpenGL support in Nvidia graphics cards, and that a mid-level 3D graphics will suffice; a high-end gamer’s adapter generally does not benefit SketchUp enough to justify the cost.

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Thank you. You could suggest me a model of graphics card, with OpenGL support and the mid-level to buy?

Before I upgraded to an nVidia GEFORCE GTX 1070, I was using an AMD Radeon R7 370 with no issues.

nVidia GTX 1060 (120 W) preferrably as a two-fan version from Asus or MSI. Check space in case and available power of PSU before buying.