I need to buy a new computer what is recommended as the best laptop for running SketchUp

My computer took a ■■■■ and I need to purchase a new one anybody recommend a good laptop. What about a gamer machine the Asus 17 and a half inch or the MSI. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

“Gamer” laptops usually work OK with SketchUp. look for

  • preferably an i7 processor with a more than 3GHz clockrate in TurboBoost mode
  • a Nvidia graphics solution. Lots of bad publicity about AMD lately.


I’d second Anssi’s remarks. A good gaming machine…but one with an NVIDIA card. I’m not sure if it’s still the case (probably is) but historically AMD cards have tended to use a sub-set of OpenGL that is optimised for gaming…rather than running the Full Monty. NVIDIA cards on the other hand do run the full set…so you’re less likely to hit problems.

Very helpful, thank you very much