Best PC to buy for sketchup (and other modelling programs)?

What’s the best laptop to buy for sketchup and renders?
(and other modelling programs like autocad, vectorworks etc.) can someone help me out please?

What is your budget?

I would say between the €1000 and €1500 but not more than that. Is that ok or do i have to pay more?

What size screen?
I would look for a “gaming” type laptop with an Intel i7 processor and a Nvidia GeForce GTX series graphics card. Looking at the offers from a local (to me) computer webstore, I see several models in your price bracket from HP, Lenovo, Asus and MSI with, typically, a Core i7-10750H CPU and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GPU. Most of these, however, are not very small as they come with 15" screens or bigger.

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Does it HAVE to be a laptop? If not you can get more bang for less money in a desktop. Not to mention the ability to do more upgrades as time goes on to make the PC last longer.

Thanks for your advice!
yes, it’s even easier for me when the screen is bigger so that’s fine
I also saw A HP Pavillion with an i7 processor…was wondering if it’s good enough…

i prefer a laptop cuz then i can carry it around with me for work etc…

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Laptop specs are often built around the graphics card, so use that as a search criteria.

For professional 3d modelling, you want quality gaming laptop brands including Aorus, Asus Strix, HP Omen and MSI Predator will have most of the good features and quality.

The top tier in your budget would be the RTX2070 maxQ So if you search “laptops with a RTX2070” it will bring up lots of options available to you. Some might be out of your price range a little.

But adding this much power usually comes with compromises on:
More noise, heat, weight …and less battery life.
If you value those over power, look at the next tier down; the RTX2060

So look at the specs (weight, size, etc) and pick one that has what you need.


My “spare loaner” Asus laptop at work is still working along. Good stuff.

Thanks for your advice! Ill check it out:)