What laptop is the best for SketchUp, rendering processing and photo editing

Looking for advise.
I need to purchase a new laptop. I want a laptop that has great graphics
and speed for photo editing, sketchup modeling rendering the models
quickly. And, make a long term purchase investment as far as horse power and size is

The neighborhood Best Buy guy suggested an Asus Rog GL703GS-DS74

I would like to hear from a sketchup buddy what you would recomend.

David C.
Omaha, Ne

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I’d be wary of a recommendation by a retail sales person unless that person is an experienced SketchUp user. Unless they fully understand SketchUp’s specific needs, their recommendation will be based on irrelevant generic considerations. I’m not saying that the Asus might not be good, just that one must examine the specs against SketchUp’s needs to really know.

You can find many posts on this forum about the criteria for a good computer for SketchUp. Do a few searches and you will find a trove of recommendations!

Actually, the suggested model should be OK for SketchUp. With a 6-core processor and a current GTX card it should be OK for rendering too.
If you decide to pay double the price for a “mobile workstation” type computer your gain will be minimal and the “workstation” graphics card you would get would probably be slower than the one in this “gaming” laptop.


While I can’t suggest that Asus Rog GL703GS-DS74 is your best possible option.

I can, however, confirm that my 6-year-old Asus ROG G75VW has served me quite well for both SU and Photoshop. It’s not as fast as my desktop, but I’ve had no complaints about its performance.

I looked up the specs, they are considerably better than my G75.

Asus Rog GL703GS-DS74 have this problem

  1. the keyboard needs some time to get used to
  2. the fans can get very loud under load
  3. short battery life due to GSync

Dell XPS 15 9560 4K UHD Intel Core i7-7700HQ 32GB RAM 1TB SSD Nvidia GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5 Windows 10 Home

You can try this one its also nice

Here is the link to see- Amazon.com

Some of the high-end laptops…




You can configure all of these with gaming GPU’s.

I was looking for a laptop with dual graphics cards (discrete graphics) - I have seen them around previously.

You should research how much graphics memory you need - it has a big effect on rendering.

I don’t know this company, but it has dual desktop GPU’s in a laptop!


I’m also looking to get a high end workstation laptop. I use sketchup pro, autocad lt, and I’m going to start using Revit. Revit and autocad graphics cards seem to conflict with the gaming graphics cards everyone is talking about on the forums that work optimally for sketchup. High end quadro nvida cards don’t benefit sketchup. Someone mentioned having 2 machines. Is there one that does it all? Looking at the Lenovo workstation P530. Any other recommendations for high end laptop workstations? Thx

I have one of their dual GPU 17" laptops. Two Nvidia GTX1070’s. It’s kind of a beast but excellent. It does require two power supply bricks, though.

In late 2017 almost bought one of those but got the Origin EON17-X with GTX1080 and i7 7700K instead, I haven’t had any problems with it and runs everything I need pretty well.

If you have the cash the new line of Nvidia Studio laptops is the only way to go. There are models by MSI, Boxx, Dell and more (over 10 vendors).

Nvidia loaned me one for a week on a recent trip, I had the Boxx version, certainly the best lapto- I’ve ever used. I tested it with SketchUp, Vray, Unreal, Keyshot, After Effects, Photoshop and there was nothing I could not throw at it.

Full list is here, I was using the Boxx 17 mobile workstation. They are expensive yes, but you get the power of a full workstation and you will future proof yourself for quite a few years. If you are using it commercially like me then the time you save not waiting for renders will quickly pay off.

I loaded a 30 million polygon truck, added materials and rendered in 15 mins (was part of my Adobe Max presentation). I also loaded in some non public work in my hotel, a 4 by 4 km map in Unreal Engine with traffic and volumetric and ran just as well as it does on my dual RTX workstation (desktop).

The laptop has the same card as you can see here in my tower, very impressive they have made it fit!

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While laptop GFX card technology has come a long way, I don’t think they are able to fit exactly the same unit as the desktop uses. In some cases they come close, and the branding gets misleading.

I suggest you take a closer look at the technical specifications of both the GFX card in your laptop and the one in your desktop. The laptop version may be handicapped in a number of ways in order to keep the thermals in check.

No they certainly have, I work a lot with Nvidia and also spent a lot of time with them in LA it is a full (albeit compressed a little vertically) RTX 6000 same as in my desktop. They’ve been doing it for years with the workstation Quadro laptops but they are giants !

But this new line of studio laptops is the real deal, also why they cost $10k+

The desktop Version is larger due to the fan arrangement setup for stacking multiple units, in the laptop as it’s a single unit only they move the fan apparatus and give it a smaller profile.

Thermals will always be worse on a laptop due to the nature of them but the hardware is technically the same, you just won’t be able to push it as far (that’s why my desktop I mounted in a server rack rather than a normal PC tower)