Is this laptop good for Sketchup?

Hello, i am an architect and I need laptop under 1250€ for Sketchup and occasional vray rendering. What do you think about ASUS TUF Gaming A15 FA507NV-LP031W Jaeger Gray - AMD Ryzen 7 7735HSRAM 16GB DDR5, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 8GB 140 W (MUX Switch), SSD 512GB?

Or would be better Asus form the last year product line with Intel Core i7 12650H Alder Lake and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB 105 W?

Thank you for your replies! Rog

I think your choice is quite OK. Check that it is possible to add more RAM later if needed.

Yes, it should be possible. I also find similar model 2022 with older graphic card but Intel GPU, do you thing it wiuld be worse or better? Similar price… Thanks :slight_smile:

If the SketchUp models you create aren’t particularly demanding then you can get away with very low end hardware.

This will chug with huge models and take ages to render them. Big models and fast rendering requires memory (at least 16GB seems to be the consensus), ray-tracing (nVidia RTX-whatever or equivalent), and an SSD.

For just basic hobby-type stuff you’ll be OK with grandma’s old online Bridge laptop.

I second that. Black friday is around the corner, RAM can be upgraded for cheap.

now, the 4060 or the 3060, performance wise, benchmarks give the 4060 a 5-15% advantage. so, depends on the price tag, on how much rendering you’ll do, and if you plan on doing other things with it (say… games).
Using the price difference to boost the ram to 32 or even 64 might be better and could even the difference between both.

The Intel CPU from the second option will be better for Sketchup and Vray cpu rendering.

The 4060 option will use less energy (battery life will be better) and will function better with real time renderers such as enscape.

Either choice will be ok

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Thank you, and for modelling itself? I would prefer “smoothier” work in 3D a little bit more than the speed of rendering visualisations (which can be done at night etc.)

Thanks, that could be the way. I don’t play games but prefer smooth 3D modelling over vray rendering (which is a little bit less important, I do it only a couple of times in a month when finishing the project)

The intel option is better at the types of operations that SketchUp performs - particularly as the number of entities/edges increases

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