Recommended laptop for SketchUp in 2019

I have been using sketchup make 2017 on my ASUS vivobook flip 14’’ laptop. But when I’m working with sketchup at first it will work okay but as the projects get bigger it freezes or it will stop working and later crash. Is there something I can do to solve this problem? If not I would like to know if there are other laptops that you guys would reccomend to use with sketchup make or sketchup studio. Because I’m probaly upgrading to the studio version. I have heard from other students that use sketchup that they liked a macbook, i have looked into it and I like them but I would like to know if there are other options.


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I have an HP ZBook 15 G2 CAD Mobile Workstation, which I have used all day every day for 2 years
with SU and find it very good, for a laptop. It does tend to slow down in LO when there are lots of short lines, arcs in the model, but there are ways and means to get around that.

At work I have a similar but newer (G5) one. I find them competent but overpriced, and SketchUp doesn’t benefit from a Quadro graphics card. If I had to pay for a laptop myself, I would go for a “gaming” laptop with a procassor with a decent single core performance rating and a decent GeForce GTX or RTX graphics card (my current home laptop falls below these specs but it runs my small models adequately).

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Best words ever spoken this and no need for a Xeon based CPU either. Way overkill imho

I recently upgraded my laptop partially because of that reason, so I’ll share some insight from my experience.
First of all, for the time being until you upgrade I’d suggest modeling smaller increments at a time. Change your style to shaded to make it easier for your computer. Also purge what you aren’t using.

As far as buying a new computer, depending on your budget I would go for an i7 processor quad core or better if you could afford as well as a GTX 1050 or higher. I personally use the Lenovo Yoga 730, which i find to be a great all around value. It also has a sleek professional aesthetic that the gaming laptops lack, if that’s important to you.

I did a lot of laptop research last year so feel free to message me any questions.
If cost wasn’t an issue, I’d definitely get a Dell XPS 15 Spec’d to the max :slight_smile:

On the contrary, a dedicated GPU is recommend by the SketchUp developers, and they note that Nvidia GPUs have the least issues.

The most problem issues come with using integrated Intel graphics on MS Windows machines. (Macs not so much as Apple takes care of the drivers.)

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Apple can do all the drivers they want but one is STILL stuck with a low level graphics solution with shared processing power and shared memory. No amount of drivers can overcome this.

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On laptops with an Intel integrated chip plus a Nvidia graphics card, it is important that you check in the Nvidia control panel 3D application settings that SketchUp is set to use the Nvidia graphics. For some reason the driver often defaults to automatic selection, which usually results in Windows assigning the Intel chip to SketchUp.

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Quite true.

But performance aside, I think @DanRathbun’s point was that Windows 10 is notorious for installing defective OpenGL drivers for Intel Integrated Graphics. Performance doesn’t matter if the silly thing can’t even display correctly.

Can’t one turn off auto driver updates? :wink:
Unless it’s a managed box (PC) by their place of business I’d turn that off 1st thing. This is what I do for my PCs at home and, I know I sound like a scratched CD but, I’ve never had that issue with Windows 7 or 10.

Whenever a model lags and I check performance in task manager, there never seems to be stress on the Graphics card :man_shrugging:

That could be it! I’ll check it out, thanks.

I don’t see any settings like that in my GeForce Experience app, would you have a moment to help me find those settings? Thanks!

Right Click the desktop … you should see a “Nvidia Control Panel” choice on the popup menu.

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Geforce Experience is the Nvidia automatic updater.
The control panel is accessed by right-clicking on your Windows desktop:

  1. Then select “manage 3D settings”
  2. Then click on “Program settings”
  3. Then select SketchUp from the popup menu
  4. In my driver version the setting is "OpenGL rendering GPU, others have a box directly under the program popup menu

If the desktop contextual menu lacks the Nvidia control panel item, it is time to update your Nvidia driver. I have seen the item disappear after some Windows update, and upgrading the driver fixed it.


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Thank You!