Sketchup hardware and software requirements

Goodmorning. I have a 3 year old laptop, (Dell XPS) with an intell video card. I have only been using Sketchup for about two years. Thjis is extremely slow, and it sounds like my main issue is the video card. I know you cannot swap out video cards in laptops. The owners of the company I work for are going to purchase me a new computer, probably a laptop. I have downloaded from Sketchup the recommended hardware from their website, so I have that information. If anyone else would like to suggest any other information, it would be appreciated. Such as brand of laptop, where to start as to who could put a great package together for me. I live in the Minneapolis area. I use an older CAD program called Autosketch 10, which I am used to, and I convert this to a dwg, which I than import into Sketchup when I want to created a 3d image. I know I could start with Layout, but I will continue with this program. Thank you.

I’ve had one discussion similar to your topic.
I’m quite set on new XPS 13 series.

I think the hardware that I have listed will run things fine (in my experience) its just matter of model management.
such as: edge quality and counts, texture size, etc.

If your laptop is going to be your main workstation, you need to get dedicated graphics card (not intel integrated as you have).