Is my laptop specs good for sketch up modeling? (only modeling, no rendering)

I want some experts to answer the question, (Not someone who always thinks high end pc is essential for all 3d related works),

Planning to buy new DELL XPS 13inch laptop with configuration
8th gen Intel core i5-8200Y processor
8gb DDR3 RAM
Will it help to run sketch up with modelling or it just supports only autocad works ???

Test it yourself before buying. People have reported endless SketchUp problems with integrated Intel graphics. That is why they are listed as “not recommended” in the specifications page. ANY Nvidia-based solution is better. I don’t know if all notebooks with Nvidia graphics are considered “high-end” - at least my old Asus ultrabook with GT620M is not.

Just modeling is enough for me … gpu’s are for rendering purposes right ?.. I hope my configuration looks good for my purpose…just need some justification to confirm it…
And as you told…how i could test it myself…?
Is it possible to walk-around to get a laptop with my specifications and install softwares and do some work!!!
Thats why i told …experts needed to comment on my doubt…

the Y series CPU is passive cooled (TDP 4,5 W) and therefore not very fast but should work for small models. The integrated intel HD series is slow and the OpenGL support of the video driver known error prone, e.g. crashes resp. no display or lagging in connection w/ the select tool of SketchUp under recent Windows 10 builds.

If you are not tied to a convertible and can live w/ a FullHD display resolution check e.g. the HP Envy or Asus Zenbook series w/ a dedicated GeForce MX 150 for roughly the same pricing. If you plan to use outdoor go for a matte display anyhow.

No. GPU’s are for drawing the image on your screen, zooming and orbiting. SketchUp uses a display system called OpenGL and it requires that your GPU provides full OpenGL support.

Hmm that make sense…i may go for a u series processor and non convertible…
If i am not considering render in my laptop…is the integrated intel UHD series will do the job ??

• SketchUp Help Center: SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements

Hmm ohk…now it was precise reply…hope atleast autocad will do the job…
Might have been really good if i could show some sketch up models in Laptop during client meetings…

no (see above).

It’s not only the slow speed but mainly the maturity of the OpenGL driver support.

I had a look at the link you sent me… And checked the details…looks like its ohk…

You had better not take the Intel claims on face value. OpenGL support they list might refer only to those OpenGL features used by games. As said before, regardless of what the Intel site says, people have had many problems with them.

Hmm i may just stick on autocad works then…

AutoCAD is mainly used for creating 2D shop drawings… and if using the 3D capabilties you will be on the same boat.

Why not simply buying a recommended system instead of fiddling around.

I already have a high end system…i just needed a smart looking laptop for client meetings…
Was wondering it could do some work on the go… might have been better…

if you are looking for something ‘stylish’ check the neat Xiaomi Mi Air 13.3 (rev. 2018), a MacBook lookalike (w/ glossy display) for a pretty competitive price:

Omg thats a 6th generation processor
Its 8th gen era…

acutally it’s 9th gen. era but it’s a i5-8250U from August 2017 anyhow…

I manage to make a few models on my old i3 …but I guess since this is the 9th gen era I should stop modelling.

Having a smart looking laptop isn’t as important as being able to use your laptop smartly.
Definitely sounds like style over substance.