Buying a new laptop for SketchUp


I’m looking for a new portable laptop and don’t want to spend 1000 Euro only to see that it can’t handle SU :smiley:

Unfortunatly most notebooks come with Intel HD 620 only (for i5 7200U) and have no dedicated GPU/VRAM.

Do you think the Intel HD 620 paired with 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD & Win 10 is enough?? Or do I really need to chose one with dedicated GPU?? I’d rather save the money and battery life, if possible…

Are you going to use SketchUp professionally? If yes, it is important to invest in a “weapon” that will aid you for as long as possible. I personally would delay the purchase of a new notebook to have enough money to buy a very good one, so it serves me well for at least 5-6 years.
You have to consider if you’re going to do rendering as well because if you are, it’s a good thing to have dedicated graphic cards (NVIDIA preferably). The answer also depends on how complex your SketchUp models are going to be. SketchUp, like all 3D modelling programs, uses only a single core, so I’d advise to get as powerful a processor as possible with a fast CPU speed.

A question often asked. See:

The models I do are just for me and are usually around 70 MB but they are getting bigger :smiley: calculating with 150 MB should be fine for the next few years I guess. And I’m not into rendering, just textures…

Anyway I just realized that Sketchup currently runs on the Intel HD Graphics 3000 (paired with i5 2450m & 8 GB RAM) and not on the Geforce GT540m as I previously thought.

On PassMark the i5 2450m scours 3400 and the i5 7200u scours 4700 (that’s 40% more) Intel Core i5-2450M @ 2.50GHz vs Intel Core i5-7200U @ 2.50GHz [] by PassMark Software
The HD Graphics 3000 scores 310 and the HD Graphics 620 scours 750 (that’s 140% more)
Intel HD 3000 vs Intel HD 610 [] by PassMark Software

I hadn’t had any problems with the graphic in SketchUp yet, so I guess I don’t need a dedicated graphic card.

Or do I forget something?? What about the VRAM, are they used by integrated graphics even if the dedicated graphic processor is off??

No, never. Integrated graphics always use system RAM.

You do not want to buy an old 2nd generation APU with HD3000 graphics. They are beyond end of life, and no longer supported, and not supported at all under Windows 10.

No I will not, I want to get an i5 7200u (7th gen). At them moment I have an i5 2450m (2nd gen). My English is not the best, sorry for that :smiley:

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One more question: How about Windows 10, does it matter if Home or Pro?

Answered well in another topic:

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