Windows 10 Home v. Pro

Hi, I’m a SketchUp user and I want to buy a new desktop computer from Dell:

CPU i7 6700k
GTX 980
SSD 512 + 2T HD
Monitor Dell UltraSharp U2515H (25" 2.560x1.440)

The operating system is Windows 10 Home 64bit. Is there any (SketchUp related) reason I should get Windows 10 Pro 64 bit instead?

I don’t think so, re “SketchUp related”.
Definitely, 64-bit edition, is a must.

It might be more about the extensions or renderers you run with SketchUp, then SketchUp itself.


There are differences in the memory limits between editions:
Memory Limits for Windows and Windows Server Releases

You will have no control over Windows Update with 10 Home edition. With 10 Pro, you’ll have the option to postpone updates for a limited time. (And maybe more. They have something called Update for Business. But it’s likely not free.) [specs]

With Pro, you can install Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins. With Home you cannot. (This is evident in Win 7 already.)

Machine Debug Manager is no available for 10 Home. *

With XP, MS put some size limitations upon the Home editions as far as User hive of the registry. Pro never had an limits. So on Home editions if you liked to install and try out a lot of software, you would eventually reach a limit, and you would start getting these warning popups. (People complained, and luckily there was a registry entry that would stop the warnings and extend the limit. This was with XP. I haven’t seen this issue with Win7 Home. Maybe the issue doesn’t exist anymore? But then again I have 5 times the memory under Win7 that I had under XP.)

I can say that if I knew of the differences when I bought XP Home, I’d have paid the extra money and gotten Pro. Same for Win7, except that it was a low-end notebook given to me, so I had no choice.

I’m currently leaning toward buying a clearance model, because it has 10 Pro, rather than 10 Home, for the same price as the newer model.

nothing SU related, the most annoying might be that MS pushes all updates/patches to the system without letting the user decide if wanted or not, postponing is allowed for several hours only whereas the Pro version allows to defer updates several month (security updates excluded).

Maybe the biggest difference, if I’m not mistaken, is that with the home edition you can’t join a domain so if you ever are somewhere and need to join their network you’re bust or…?

Edit: also with the home edition, your pc is apparently being used to upload updates to other pc’s over the internet as well using a peer to peer system saving bandwidth for MS. how can they come up with something like that…really??

joining a domain is not required for accessing shared network drives/folders based on the common SMB/CIFS protocol.

both, Home and Pro, are using the “Windows Update Delivery Optimization”, for disabling go to “Start > Settings > Update & Security > Advanced Options > Choose how Updates are delivered”.

I recommend you to visit Dell official site or Dell Dell U2515H Monitor Manual to check all requirements and compatible factors that are necessary to run a application such as sketcup , adobe etc on U2515H successfully.