SketchUp runs slowly in Windows 10, any ideas?


I’ve just started using Windows 10. What I’ve seen of the OS runs smoothly except SketchUp. It’s so slow it’s hard to navigate, you have to wait to see how much input you’ve made. My Space NavMouse is too slow to use.

SketchUp Make slow on Windows 10

SketchUp 2015 does not support Windows 10.

See: Early Adopters (of New OS Versions) Be Cautious


Thanks for that information Dan. One would think that using SketchUp everyday for over a year, and following Microsoft’s progress with Windows 10 that somewhere along that path, someone would mention that Trimble has yet to re-write SketchUp for the most popular OS in the world.

However, I’ve found that keeping things small (file sizes etc.,) is more important with Windows 10 than before. I also downloaded a new driver for my SpaceNavigator/SpaceMouse, which took almost an hour, to down load. Between Time Warner and Microsoft’s OS, the download speeds were slower than dial up, in the '90s. But the new driver made a difference with the Spacemouse, it responds more accurately, but the biggest improvement in speed was modeling in Monochrome, turn off all the features like shading etc.

The Windows Explorer, not the web browser, the program that lets us use the directory in Windows OS’s, is improved in Windows 10, but I’ll have to use it for months to know if I like it. It tries to guess which files I’ll want to see later and organizes them that way. If I don’t think the same way Windows does, the files go all over the place, turning up in various ‘libraries’ that I’ve not created. When you close and save a file and put it somewhere, it stays there but they make finding the place you put it very difficult, because it moves from folder to folder. Most of this ‘functionality’ only adds overhead to slow down everything, and is there only at the insistence of the marketing people.

I read about the wi-fi situation and the new web browser from MS and made the appropriate changes (MS ‘Edge’ is not the default browser on my machine now), and I disabled a sharing option and anther similar service that uses your computer in a ‘bit stream’.

One very annoying item; A pop up advertised the Office Suite for sale. So now we have pop up advertising embedded into our Operating System. Wonderful.

I get a feeling that this could be a very useful OS for the next few years and MS tries hard to make that work, but then, they take something that’s ‘not broken’, and fix it, applying all their stupid ideas. The sales pitch is that these things will make our lives easier, but the reality is they are trying to sell us stuff we don’t need. I hate deception.

Robert Pollock


Responsible software vendors (like Trimble) publish their Application Hardware/Software Requirements
It’s incumbent upon software users to read and follow a software vendor’s recommendations.

It will be quite some time before Windows 10 becomes "the most popular OS in the world."
Desktop Operating System Market




Pardon my colloquial use of “the most popular OS in the world”. By that I meant Windows, in any version.

I normally scan the readme file of anything (new) I put on this machine, Microsoft mentioned nothing regarding SketchUp from what I read quickly. You’re absolutely right however, the SketchUp (Trimble) people would list which OS’s were supported, I assumed that Windows 10 and SketchUp had an inevitable marriage coming up, the sooner the better for all involved. I discovered an upgrade from May/2015 for the 3dConnexion Space navigator, that took a very long time to download at ‘dial-up’ speeds, at least twice as slow as the previous Windows 7 Home Premium that was on this machine a few hours ago. But Windows 10 has this optional ‘bit torrent’ style software distribution scheme. It’s easy to disable but maybe that’s not the end of the downloading slowness. Last night it streamed a Netflix movie without trouble.

Meanwhile, SketchUp is working acceptably after only an hour or so of tweaking, but all those ‘file minimizing’ strategies we’re seeing on Youtube videos especially from Matt Donley, Mike Brightman and Nick Sonder, are even more important. Naively I’ve been hoping since Windows 3.1 that the next release would be faster and it’s always the same: Any speed gains from technical improvements on the motherboard and exploited by the OS are always used up by other, new overhead, usually from Marketing.

I have HP Elitebook that wasn’t upgraded, and actually has a better video card in it than my desktop 'puter, so I can use both/either OS for a while, but remembering two interfaces is difficult and unnecessary. This company; makes and sells computers especially for 3d modelling. Operating Systems are options. Thanks for the response.

Robert Pollock

     August 9

One would think that using
SketchUp everyday for over a year, and following
Microsoft’s progress with Windows 10 that somewhere
along that path, someone would mention that Trimble has yet
to re-write SketchUp for the most popular OS in the

Responsible software
vendors (like Trimble) publish their Application
Hardware/Software Requirements
It’s incumbent upon software users to read and follow a
software vendor’s recommendations.

It will be quite some time
before Windows 10 becomes "the most popular OS in the
Operating System Market Share —


Just FYI - I run SU in W10 with no notable lack of performance or any other issues. Most of the problems I have heard with it are lack of support for specific hardware - but as far as I know if you manually install drivers then it works much smoother.


I don’t see the point. The fact it does not say it supports Windows 10 is because it was released before it. It does not mean it is not reasonable to think it will work just fine, moreover it’s not an answer to the original question: WHY is it slow and is there a way to fix it.

Most probably the Win 10 version of the graphic card drivers or of DirectX is not yet as good as it was. I also experienced problems with some benchmark applications. It seems very slow in certain circumstances but not always. Keep your graphic driver updated and install Windows updates. That’s the best you can do if there’s no SketchUp update.


What I did was disregard the upgrade and uninstalled the updates that Windows provided pertaining to WIN 10. I have not heard anything positive or more like how it has “improved the performance” of any other software package running on it. Also it is not their responsibility too, they realize that Smart TV and hand held devices will fill there pockets. There hearts (pockets) are setting the trends that are easiest for themselves to maintain and harvest. And lazy consumers are eating it up. I dont think they care if everyone with Sketch Up on a PC switched to a Mac, while keeping ALL the Netflix (millions) HAPPY. Heard they sell an app. that makes your living room smell like popcorn!!


I think you paint an accurate picture. Profit seekers need product, so once someone develops something worthwhile, they squeeze it for every cent, and ‘tweak’ it for the masses, who mostly don’t use their computers for anything but entertainment.

But there is a rift among users: It seems to me that people with years of computer experience and who understand the basic parts and functions of one, and have professional aspirations that they must use a computer, seek out a different market than the WalMart crowd. Certainly HP with it’s line of ‘Elite’ mobile workstations addresses this market, and any ‘puter company that embraces gamers, like Dell will have some ‘built for speed, not for fun or comfort’, machines too. My favorite but I’ve yet to buy a machine from them is They sell laptops without Operating Systems (optional) or serious disc drives. They figure that your file system will be too large and complex to save locally anyway, so the drive they include on the machine is just for the machine to run, almost like a level II Swap File, if you’re familiar with Windows FAT32 and all of that. Super fast processor, latest video cards and software, and great, big screens. Some
machines have two video cards, because the ‘good’ one takes too much resources for ‘normal’ computing so they include an extra 500 MB or so card for regular computing tasks. One of my pet peeves, is the decreasing tactile response from keyboards due to incessant ‘slimming’ of the machines’ profile. Eurocom pretty much ignores the ‘style’ part, they’re machines are big, clunky, and stupid looking like the first Japanese car imports. I’ve yet to try one, but from the images you can see an older style keyboard with keys that have profiles.

The next question is one computer or two? SketchUp for architecture almost demands mobile computing, at some point you have to make site visits and you should bring something to either record or distribute data. A lap top is still my 1st choice, but they have to be bright and fast. A used Eurocom with an 18" screen can be both for about $1000. I’m saving for one, this 8 year old Dell desktop just told me (Dells website) that it doesn’t support Windows 10. There aren’t any driver upgrades for anything in the Device Manager that’s older, like the WiFi card (antenna circuit board) etc. Used to be you buy a new 'puter and you have to negotiate an upgrade for the OS. Now you get a ‘free’ OS, and have to buy a new computer.


Good advice. I just discovered that my 7 year old Dell (Studio Slim/Desktop) doesn’t support driver upgrades for Windows 10. I was looking for the upgrade for Dells’ Mini-Wifi port adapter and was told it doesn’t exist.

When I installed Windows 10, (from memory) there were a few options to not install things, or afterwards, to uninstall some ‘Apps’ that were pinned to the Start Menu. I deleted the ‘store’ and all the ‘social networking’ apps, plus I read about some new service Microsoft has dreamt up, similar to bit-torrent protocols (or the same thing) that requires permission to run. It collects little bits of data from thousands of computers and sends and reassembles programs and such, requiring that you configure your machine to imitate a Freeway Cloverleaf, or facsimile. I remember killing that during installation.

One very annoying thing was an advertising ‘pop up’ that tried to sell me the MS Office Suite. Kill the store.


I installed Windows 10 under Parallels yesterday. When I first used a fresh install of SketchUp Make 2015 the Orbit tool acted as if the shift key was stuck, I could only pan, but a press of the shift key fixed that. Textures also go away while orbiting, is that normal in the Windows version?

Anyway, even under an emulator the performance seemed ok. It was also nice to get back to natural scrolling for a change, which still doesn’t work on Mac.


All of the experimentation with installing and using Win10 is appreciated. I hope that everyone who has upgraded will ultimately feel that this OS has been an improvement. This does not yet appear to be the case. Most of the comments/reviews don’t provide a strong enough inducement for me to make the leap.


I would not have upgraded if i didn’t have two computers, both running SketchUp Pro and Windows 7, so I could carry on regardless of how the upgrade goes. And I’m glad I did, because from what I’ve discovered in three days after upgrading one machine, is that I either need some new hardware, or I should wait for more driver upgrades to be written.

But it’s inevitable. One day we’ll all be using it, so the sooner the better, is my attitude about learning how to use it.


I have a SpaceNavigator and a three button mouse, I’m so used to the Space Nav now, that modeling with only the mouse is taxing. The Space Nav migrated to the new Windows 10 OS without trouble, which is very good, because the devices are tricking under any circumstances. The 3dConnexion/SpaceNav website says that new drivers are pending, but the old seems to work ok anyway. I think there was a May 2015 driver upgrade for Windows 7 that I needed, and is working now in Windows 10.

Biggest problem with Windows 10 today, is Internet speed. My laptop is getting 17 mps download speed, but the Windows 10 Dell Desktop machine is getting about 1 or 2 mbs., which is like dial up. The problem is probably Dell machines’ mini wifi adapter, (antenna) that is the bottle neck/restriction, and which doesn’t have an upgrade available. Obsolete.


You should look for connection problems. I just tested Windows 10 Internet speed, and the results were the same as testing from Mac OS (about 58 mbps down, 73 mbps up).


That’s good news about the Space Navigator. Like you, I also use this along with a 3 button mouse and yes, I suppose that inevitably I will upgrade too…it’s just that I am reluctant to “fix what ain’t broke.”


Hello …

I have been using win 10 now for nearly 6 months… be it in trials and regular use… I have spent weeks in trying to get Sketchup to run for more than 3 - 10 minutes without a “Bug Splat”… The Compatibility Settings Don’t Work!.. regardless of which you use!... But Today… I have tried something new and so far “No Splat’s”…

  1. In your Extensions … Un-check All you do Not Use! even the basic Sketchup Defaults…
  2. The Main Problem is… OpenGL… in System Preferences…
  3. Un-check ALL 3 of these…
  4. Un-check… Use Hardware Acceleration…
  5. Un-check… Use Maximum Texture Size…
  6. Un-check… Use Fast Feedback…
  7. Go to your Desktop Sketchup icon… and right click and Properties select Compatibility Tab… and make sure you do not have the “Compatible with Box Ticked!” … with any earlier versions of Window’s… only view should be you last version of Window’s … eg: win 7 or 8… and Not Ticked!..

Restart your PC and start Sketchup… go to menu bar at the top and select “Window”… Select “Preferences”… That’s where you will find OpenGL… and while you are there!.. Change “AutoSave” down to 3 minutes…

Working for me…

Lyn Poddley

Poddley Tales Euro…


Lyn, your profile does not say which build you are running 32-bit or 64-bit ?

You issues are most likely due to AMD/ATI Graphics. The R7 A8 series are quite low on the list at passmark.

Currently SketchUp 2015 32-bit runs better, and crashes less, with AMD/ATI cards.
(It seems their 64-bit drivers may have issues with OpenGL.)

Crashes & lock-ups

Make sure to send in all BugSplat reports with you username so they can be looked up in the database. The more splats for an issue, the higher on the fix list the issue gets.


Just bought a new computer, Dell Inspiron 7000 with an AMD Radeon R7 M270 craphics card and Windows 10 Installed. Installed Sketchup 2015 and aside from small icons seemed to work. Had a problem with getting on the internet using WiFi so updated windows 10 as recommended. Now Sketchup splash screen comes up but after clicking start using stops responding. Have tried everything from removing the software and re-installing to trying to download and install the 32 bit version. I am thinking it’s a graphics card issue but never get a chance to set preferences.

Any thoughts


[Win] Setting Preferences > OpenGL switches off via batch script
Crashes & lock-ups