SketchUp 2015 becomes sluggish under Win10

Hi, I am running dell workstation 3600 with NVIDIA Quadro 600, a decent system for my background as an architect. I have used several different versions of Sketchup and currently running 2015 setup. My problem has always been the same and that is Sketchup starts to get sluggish after some use. Like the current house that I am modeling, it is only 497 KB in size, and yet, after a few minutes of use it’s like the cursor is no longer responding for a full 2 to 3 seconds I can shut down Sketchup and open it back up and still the same problem! I normal don’t have anything else running other than perhaps AutoCAD and maybe some music.
It is extremely annoying, frustrating, and totally INEFFICIENT because I can’t get anything done!
Why? Why? Why? Why? Has anyone have a clue???

Hello. Can you post a screenshot of your OpenGL settings in SketchUp, found in Window > Preferences > OpenGL? Also, have you assigned your NVIDIA card to take care of SketchUp’s performance?

Your profile indicates you are running Windows 10.

SketchUp 2015 M0 and M1 was released in November 2014.
SketchUp 2015 M2 in December of 2014.
The latest update M3 was released February 5, 2015.

Microsoft Windows 10 was not generally available until July 19, 2015. [1]

[1] Windows 10 - Wikipedia

Why would it be expected for SketchUp versions released earlier than an OS,
to run with no issues on later version(s) of that OS ?

SketchUp Application Release Notes

SketchUp Pro 2016 and SketchUp Make 2016
Released: November 17, 2015

Support for El Capitan and Windows 10
Our QA team has smashed and banged on these new operating systems enough to say that SketchUp 2016 is fully compatible with Apple’s El Capitan and Microsoft’s Windows 10.

Hi Vahe, here is the image of what you asked for as well as the model itself. With regard to assigning the NVIDIA card to take care of Sketchup, the answer is no and how can I do that?

Thank you for your assistance.

Dan is right. It’s possible your lagging is because of the incompatibility between the OS and the version of SketchUp you’re using. Firstly, I’d suggest you install a newer version that officially supports Windows 10 - SketchUp 2016 or 2017. That can be the solution to your original problem.

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Besides the possible incompatibilities between SketchUp 2015 and Windows 10, you could also try a newer graphics driver. You have 369.09 and the latest from the Nvidia site is 376.84. Your card is classed as “entry-level” but in principle it is still more powerful than my old, then “midrange” QuadroFX 1800 (96 CUDA cores vs. 64), and mine runs my small models quite well, under Windows 7, though.


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Lots of things to consider. For a long time, I carry about version 5 so that I can import CAD file into SketchUp and then work on the model with the new version. And then I broke down and bought the 2015 version from Trimble. And now there is problem with 2015 version and Windows 10!!! Since I can’t afford to buy a new graphic card, I have decided to download the latest SketchUp. So far the 2017 version is working great. However, I am saving the model back to 2015 version so that I can use the Layout functionality.

That is my solution to the problem. Thank you to everyone for their input.